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Five Good Tools For Effective Oral Care

When it comes to products that help and maintain our health, we are all in and ready to purchase and use the best thing to bring about the best result for our overall health. Sounds easy, I know, but with an overabundance of health products available these days, how are you supposed to know which ones really are the best for you? Especially when it comes to your oral health? Our teeth are so vitally important to our overall health. We only get one set of permanent teeth so we must do whatever we can to protect and maintain our teeth. From newborn babies to senior citizens, everyone needs the best oral care products they can find. Where would someone even begin to find out? Let’s look at some great products that start out with the littlest ones, yes before they even have teeth, all the way up to the oldest ones. (All products mentioned in this blog are highlighted with links for you to find them easily and quickly!)


Kids Oral Care Kits

Did you know that babies, even young infants that aren’t even cutting teeth yet, need good oral care? Milk residue can stay in baby’s mouth for hours which could cause potential problems down the line for their oral health. You should wipe baby’s mouth at least once a day with a clean, sterile cloth to remove any leftover residue that could cause bacteria to stick around. There is a great product from Brilliant Oral Care called Tooth Tissues which are disposable tissues that have xylitol in them, which is a safe substance, fluoride free, that helps prohibit bacteria from sticking to teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks. The Tooth Tissues can also be used with the Wipe-N-Brush.

New Baby Oral Care Kit

  • Tooth Tissues – 30 count tooth tissue wipes with xylitol, For 3 months and up.
  • Finger Toothbrush – Made of 100% food grade silicone (FDA approved) the Finger Toothbrush fits over an adult finger and allows them to brush baby gums and first teeth. One side has soft bristles, the other side has textured grooves that help message gums that are tender from teething. For 3 months and up.
  • Wipe-N-Brush – This painters with our Tooth Tissues, helps you clean and massage baby’s gums all at the same time. It helps protect parents’ fingers as they help clean and soothe baby’s gums. 4 months and up.
  • Baby’s 1st Teether Brush – This tool is extraordinary because it is a toothbrush and a teether all in one great item! Made of 100% food grade silicone (FDA approved) The Teether Brush helps relieve teething pain because while they chew on it, they are also brushing and cleaning their teeth and gums. It can also be chilled for added relief. 4 months and up.


First Teeth Oral Care Kit

  • Baby’s 1st Teether Brush
  • Brilliant Baby Toothbrush – Once baby has their first tooth/teeth, they need a good manual toothbrush and the Brilliant Baby Toothbrush is perfect. It has a round head that cleans in all directions and soft bristles that clean and protect baby’s little teeth and sensitive gums. Ages 4-24 months.
  • Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel – Spry is a wonderful tooth gel made with xylitol that is safe, if swallowed and fluoride free. 3 months and up. We talk more about it below in the Toothpaste section of this blog!


Growing Kids Oral Care Kit

  • 2 Brilliant Child Toothbrushes – When your toddler gets their molars in, it’s time for them to have a brush for their entire mouth. The round head and longer, firmer yet still soft and gentle bristles help better remove food particles that get stuck in the grooves of back molars. Ages 2 years old and up.
  • Brilliant Kids Toothbrush – When your kids begin to get their permanent teeth and have a good mix of baby teeth and adult teeth, it’s a good time to size up to the Brilliant Kids Toothbrush. The round head and longer bristles make it easier for them to get an all around great clean. Ages 5 and up.
  • Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel – We have a whole section devoted to Spry below in this blog!


Kids Sonic Toothbrushes

It seems most companies producing toothbrushes and oral care products these days are selling sonic toothbrushes. There are so many on the market it leaves you wondering which ones are the best, and most importantly, which ones are effective and safe for kids. Brilliant Oral Care has a great set of kids sonic toothbrushes that come in different characters and bring a fun approach to brushing teeth for kids. The best thing about Brilliant Kids Sonic brushes is they have a bright LED light that makes it easy for kids (and you) to see inside their mouths while brushing and the brushes will pulse when it’s time to move to another quadrant of the mouth to brush.


Toothpastes And Tooth Gels

Toothpaste is essential for good oral care and something EVERYONE needs. Not just any toothpaste, but one that is safe for younger kids and works the best at cleaning and protecting your teeth, gums, tongue and mouth. There is a great product from Brilliant Oral Care that checks all these boxes and throws in some more added benefits.

  • Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel is a fantastic toothpaste for kids and adults alike. It is completely fluoride free and safe if it is swallowed. From babies 3 months old up to senior adults, the whole family can take advantage of this tooth gel with xylitol, which helps prohibit bacteria from sticking to teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks.


A Good Manual Toothbrush

Whenever you are on the hunt for a new toothbrush you are hit with HUNDREDS of choices. It doesn’t matter which store you go to, the toothbrush aisle has so many options it can be quite overwhelming! Which one is best? Which kind of bristles should I choose: hard, medium or soft, what does that even mean, are there better options I don’t know about? All valid questions. Yes, there are most likely more options you don’t know about. Brilliant Oral Care offers 4 different brush options that are great whatever need you may have for a brush and each is an effective round head toothbrush.

  • Brilliant Soft Toothbrush – The “Can’t Miss Toothbrush” literally can’t miss giving you an all around clean with it’s round brush head and over 12,000 bristles, you get your teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks all at once!
  • Brilliant Sensitive Toothbrush – With a round brush head and over 18,000 soft bristles, the Brilliant Sensitive won’t irritate your gums or sensitive teeth, making your brushing more effective and beneficial. If you need a soft toothbrush for sensitive teeth, this is for you!
  • Brilliant Special Soft Toothbrush – Issues with oral health are common and prevalent with those going through, cancer treatments, recovery from tooth surgery or who live with autism, sensory processing issues or other conditions that cause oral care to be a difficult, painful process. Brilliant Special Soft was created just for those special situations, a round brush head with over 21,000 soft bristles to help anyone going through a battle with oral care find a gentle way to keep their mouth healthy. This is our softest toothbrush for sensitive gums.
  • Brilliant Expectant Mom Toothbrush – Created for the special struggles of pregnancy, the Brilliant Expectant Mom Toothbrush has a round brush head with gentle bristles that will help moms to be with their oral care because sometimes brusing teeth while pregnant can bring issues that can irritate mouths and gums.


And when it comes to the question of what to choose between soft, medium and hard toothbrushes, we feature a great article on that very subject on our Brilliant Choices Blog and you can find that right here:


Dental Floss

 We can’t talk about good tools for good oral care without talking about dental floss. Not necessarily everyone’s favorite tool, but it’s a necessity for a cleaner, healthier mouth. Dental floss is typically a thin strand of material that fits between the teeth and helps remove food particles and plaque that can’t be reached by a toothbrush. You can’t deny the benefits of flossing, helping to prevent gum disease and cavities, The American Dental Association has some great video and print resources about the best ways to floss your teeth that you can find here:

There are numerous kids of dental floss on the market today. Some of those are:

  • Waxed floss
  • Unwaxed floss
  • Dental tape
  • Super flosses
  • Polytetrafluorethylene floss
  • Floss picks
  • Water flossers

A lot of choices, right? Which one is the best for you? That’s the perfect question to ask your Dentist at your next appointment. Just make sure you are using floss, everyday, the right way!



Lots of choices and lots of information is a good thing. You have a huge variety of things to choose from with options that can be tailored right to you and your specific dental needs. Whether it’s a small baby or an aging senior there is something for EVERYONE to ensure that oral health is a priority. As always, ask your dentist what they think is best for you and your family before you try anything new. The possibilities are definitely in your favor!


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