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Make Oral Care Special For Those With Autism

Children with autism face many challenges, many of them being our normal, daily activities. Growing up with a special needs sibling introduced the challenges, heartache, dedication, and attention to detail required to live a full life for those with disabilities. Things like school, social activities, and personal interaction are always challenging for those with autism, […]

Charitable Dental Care: Providing Oral Care For Those In Hard Times

Through research and study, I’ve learned that our oral health is not only necessary as a top priority, it’s essential to the health of our entire body. That being said, oral health care and dental services are not necessarily very affordable, making it difficult for people who find themselves in financial hard times to receive […]

Tackling Children’s Anxiety About Doctors and Dentists

As adults, we fondly look back on our childhood, when life was “easier and stress-free.” Being a child with little to no responsibility, lots of playtime, and no burden of counting calories sounds fantastic, but not entirely true for every child. No doubt that childhood is different from adulthood, but being a kid does carry […]

Keeping Kids Healthy While At School

At the forefront of every parent’s mind and responsibility is to keep our children safe (in the areas that are under our control). There are times and situations where it is very much out of our control, and we aren’t there and unable to affect the surroundings of their safety. Any parent will tell you […]

Kids Need Healthy Teeth

One of the most important roles as a parent is to make sure our children are healthy. Healthy foods, exercise, rest, well check-ups, and a learning environment are essential for our kids to grow up at the peak of good health. There is one area that may be overlooked or not get the adequate attention […]

Christmas Ideas That Will Make Lasting Memories

Christmas is always a favorite time of year for most people, kids especially. The lights, the presents, the tasty treats all combine together to make this the most magical time of the year. But, along with the magic comes holiday events, parties, family get-togethers, recitals, Christmas programs, endless gift shopping and more. Sometimes we can […]

Keeping A Christmas Checklist

Life is constantly and consistently chaotic and stressful. Throw in the holiday season on top of everything else, and you are more than tempted to throw in the towel altogether. But wait, before you pack a bag and move to Mexico under an assumed name, let me let you in on a little secret that […]

Healthy Holiday Food

One of the MANY reasons people look forward to the holiday season is the FOOD!! Everyone has their favorite go-to treats that hold special meaning for them during this festive time of year. While Christmas may have us tempted to pull up a few plates to the holiday buffet, most of us are trying to […]

Creative Christmas Ideas

It’s time to buy those Christmas gifts for family and friends once again! Are you the one in your family responsible for buying ALL the gifts? Well, then you and I are in this together. We know that Dad doesn’t need nor want another shirt and tie, Mom has enough sweaters to blanket all of […]