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Creative Christmas Ideas

It’s time to buy those Christmas gifts for family and friends once again! Are you the one in your family responsible for buying ALL the gifts? Well, then you and I are in this together. We know that Dad doesn’t need nor want another shirt and tie, Mom has enough sweaters to blanket all of America, and little Tommy has more toys and video games than he could ever play with, so WHAT NOW? Is this the drill playing through your head every December as it stings in my brain, zapping some of my Christmas cheer? Listen, not only can we get through this together, we can have fun while we shop. My friends, it’s time for us to channel into some creativity and find the gifts that our families don’t even know they need or want this year. Gifts with purpose, gifts that echo practicality, and gifts that don’t end up at the local salvage store in a few months. Join me on a creative brainstorming adventure as we revolutionize the gifts we get our loved ones under the Christmas tree this year with inventive, useful gifts on our holiday shopping list.


Gifts That Bring Good Health

There’s nothing more important than our health. Everywhere you look, there is healthy eating, exercise, vitamins and supplements, and ways to enhance our health and increase our longevity of life. So, why not look for gifts for our loved ones (and ourselves) that will serve practical purposes and help our bodies live and function better?

Gifts for a Healthy Smile!

Your smile is the window to who you are, so why not give the gift of better oral health to those you love! Brilliant Oral Care has some helpful products that will improve your oral health and enhance the smile of everyone in your family, something for every age and at every stage of life. Brilliant Brushes make the perfect stocking stuffers to drop in those stockings on Christmas Eve!

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For The Kids:

For The Expectant Mom:

For Teens And Adults:

For Those With Special Needs:

  • Brilliant Special Soft Toothbrush – best toothbrush for autism, those with special needs or sensory processing disorders, and for those with soreness or sensitivity from chemo, radiation, or oral surgery

For All Ages:

  • Brilliant Spry Xylitol Tooth GelFluoride-free tooth gel enhanced with xylitol, attacks bacteria on the teeth and gums and creates a barrier to keep other bacteria that can cause tooth decay and cavities from sticking to the teeth and gums. All-natural, no sugar, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners


Practical Gifts 101

Are you someone that refuses to buy unnecessary things and only gives practical gifts? Good for you! The world needs more people like you. What are some necessary, practical things people could really use?

  • Winter coats, gloves, hats, and boots
  • Personal grooming items: hairdryer, curling iron, electric shavers, hair clippers
  • Travel bags
  • Bathrobes
  • Soaps, lotions, shaving creams, skincare items, towels, washcloths, hairbrushes, and combs
  • Coffee maker, tea kettle, kitchen appliances
  • Photo album and a gift card to photo printing service
  • Organized spice rack with spices
  • Air purifier
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Laptop/Tablet Stand


Gifts That Keep On Giving

Stumped for what to get those who already have all the electronics? Some great gift ideas are those that support our electronic habits and devices and places we like to go. Some creative ideas for the tech-savvy and experience seekers are:

  • Pay for several months (or a year) for your loved one’s phone service
  • Subscriptions to Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, or HBO Max for movie and television show aficionados
  • Do close friends or family members love music? Fund their subscription to Apple Music, Spotify, or other music streaming services
  • Do your kids love video games? Gift them several months (or a year) to their favorite online gaming service
  • Have a loved one that frequents concerts, shows, or live sporting events? A gift card to StubHub, Ticketmaster, Vivid Seats, or their favorite venue will allow them the opportunity to attend some great events courtesy of you


Support Small Local Businesses

One of the most important things we can do this season is to support small local businesses. Want to support some small business owners in your area as you shop for gifts this holiday season? Here are a few creative ideas:

  • When tough times happen local shops and restaurants can end up suffering the most. Consider buying gift cards to your favorite local restaurants and shops to give to your loved ones
  • Your turn to cook the holiday meal and you don’t have time or the energy? Let your favorite local restaurant cater your holiday meal and impress your family and friends. Then they will want to frequent your favorite local spot when they dine out
  • Want some good, current family photos? Find a local photographer and have a portrait sitting. You will support their work at this crucial time of year and have wonderful photos to print and share as gifts to your family and friends
  • Have a local artist create a beautiful wreath for your door, pictures or art for you to give as gifts, or host a local artist show in your home as a way for you to find gifts and open up the chance for others to be interested and buy from them as well
  • Haven’t decided what to serve for dessert at your holiday meal? Let your local bakery supply all your dessert needs, and pick up some extra cookies and treats that you can give as gifts
  • Your local jewelry store has plenty of beautiful pieces that the special lady in your life would love, and they are perfect for creating custom, one of a kind pieces for your special someone


Give From The Heart

Whether it’s gift cards or subscriptions, toothbrushes or winter coats, pictures or tickets, putting thought and love into the gifts you buy will show your loved ones you really went the extra mile into making this Christmas really special for them. It really isn’t the money or extravagance that means the most, it’s a well thought out gift that comes personally designed with love that means the most. Those are the gifts we treasure the most. And in these hard and difficult times, having someone to love far exceeds the gifts that are wrapped. It’s the gift-giver that is the real gift. Whatever you give this year, give love! Merry Christmas!


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