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Christmas Ideas That Will Make Lasting Memories

Christmas is always a favorite time of year for most people, kids especially. The lights, the presents, the tasty treats all combine together to make this the most magical time of the year. But, along with the magic comes holiday events, parties, family get-togethers, recitals, Christmas programs, endless gift shopping and more. Sometimes we can become so enamored with all that we have to do and everywhere we have to go that we forget to just spend time together and enjoy each other. Kids love toys, games, bikes and electronics for Christmas, but the most important thing we can give them is our TIME. Let’s pledge to spend more quality time with our families and be less focused on the quantity of things we give them. How do we do that? Let’s explore some ways to make this Christmas the most memorable one yet!

Christmas Traditions And Activities

Your family, like most, has usual Christmas traditions that you make a priority to continue year after year. There’s always room for new traditions, and if you really don’t have any yet, it’s never too late to start! Some of the most meaningful Christmas traditions are the ones where we enjoy being together. Here are some simple, meaningful ways to celebrate the season that will be fun and meaningful for the whole family! Plan out several special days and nights with some fun family activities:

  • Decorating the Christmas tree together as a family is one of the most special times during the holidays. Reminiscing over the ornaments and Christmas memories is always a great kick-off to the season.
  • Make some hot chocolate to go, dress everyone in their favorite Christmas Pajamas, then pile in the car and drive around local neighborhoods and look at Christmas lights. Your favorite Christmas songs playing, singing along, lights, hot chocolate, what is more Christmas joy than that!
  • Have a game night! Let each person choose their favorite game and enjoy laughing during some friendly, family competition.
  • Christmas craft time is always a crowd pleaser. Whether you all are making ornaments for the Christmas tree, coloring your own wrapping paper, creating your own Christmas cards, decorating a wreath, or putting together a gingerbread house, the time together will bring smiles, laughter, and lasting memories.
  • Christmas movie nights are always a winner. As the season begins, set aside all your favorite Christmas movies and plan to watch them as the December days build up to Christmas.
  • There are always local Christmas programs you attend as a family put on by schools, churches, and community theaters. These are great sources of holiday joy and a wonderful tradition to add to your family’s list of together time.
  • Christmas has sparked many authors to write great Christmas stories. Choose some of your favorite Christmas stories and take turns reading them aloud to each other, gathered together by the Christmas tree each night.
  • Take some time during the holidays to serve at a local shelter, church, take meals to shut-ins, or volunteer at a local food pantry. The best way to teach your kids that caring for others is important is to show them through your actions and to make it a priority for your family.
  • As you contemplate what gifts to buy, consider giving your kids or other family members “experience gifts.” A year pass to the local zoo, water park, amusement park, theme park, state park, museum passes, theater tickets, travel gifts like plane tickets, hotel gift cards, music lessons, art lessons, dance class, and sports lessons are fantastic gifts that can be enjoyed all year long and make a lasting impact for the entire family.
  • The morning of Christmas Eve, gather the kids and enjoy breakfast by the tree. Talk about all the fun you’ve had so far and how excited everyone is for the next morning to arrive.
  • As the gift giving begins, give garbage bags to the kids and encourage them to have a contest, whoever collects the most Christmas wrap and trash wins! You can even have a little prize for the winner. The kids will have so much fun, it keeps them focused on a task and it gets your house cleaned up quickly!
  • When the holidays are over, get each family member on video telling their favorite parts of Christmas and New Years. Those videos will become treasures to you.


Christmas Food

Some of the best Christmas memories are created in the kitchen, making and baking all kinds of delectable goodies and treats.

  • One of the number one Christmas traditions that holds memories for most is baking and decorating Christmas cookies. Whether you were at Grandma’s house or at your own home with Mom and Dad, Christmas cookies are always a fun family activity.
  • There’s nothing better than homemade Christmas candy. From chocolates to fudge, cakes, pies, breads, cookies, the best food of the year is at Christmastime and making these treats with those you love is the recipe for cherished memories.
  • Christmas dinner is usually the adults responsibility, but you can include the kids by giving everyone a responsibility. From setting the table to decorating each place setting, pouring drinks, helping you cook to folding napkins, there are jobs you can give to each member of the family to make them feel a part of the big holiday meal.
  • As you make these wonderful holiday treats, make some extra so you can pack some up and deliver them to family, friends, and neighbors as gifts.


Whatever You Do, Do It Together!

Creating lasting memories for the entire family is always my hope at the holidays. I want them to be so special because I know my children will carry these memories the rest of their lives. Before December even rolls around they remind me of all our family traditions that we MUST do before Christmas. As you can see, the most special things really don’t cost a lot of money or involve a lot of preparation. They are fun activities centered around fun things to do together. No matter what Christmas traditions you have or decide to start, never forget that time with those you love means more than anything money can buy. Go enjoy your loved ones this Christmas!


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