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Charitable Dental Care: Providing Oral Care For Those In Hard Times

Through research and study, I’ve learned that our oral health is not only necessary as a top priority, it’s essential to the health of our entire body. That being said, oral health care and dental services are not necessarily very affordable, making it difficult for people who find themselves in financial hard times to receive the quality dental care they need. There are many groups, associations, and charitable oral health organizations that make oral health care services available to everyone who can’t afford dental insurance or dental services. Let’s look at a few of the many charitable oral health organizations that bring quality dental services to those who wouldn’t be able to afford it without their help.

Charitable Dental Care Programs

There are so many charities, great options available for people needing oral health care help. There are numerous local help groups you can investigate, those can be found on, the National Association Of Free Clinics, and Find A Health Center from the US Department Of Health And Human Services. Some other great organizations providing dental care for those in need are:

For Kids

  • America’s Toothfairy – ATF is a service from the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation that helps children to receive the necessary dental care they need.
  • CHIP – CHIP is a program funded by the government (through Medicaid) that is open to children ages nineteen and below, that do not have any health insurance, it covers medical and dental services.
  • Give A Kid A Smile – GKAS is a program from the American Dental Association, created to meet the dental needs of children who otherwise would not have access to oral health care.

For Adults

  • Dentistry From The Heart – DFTH provides clinics, in the United States and other countries, that provide dental care free of charge. Staffed by volunteer dentists, these clinics are listed on their website with locations, dates, and the kind of services they provide.
  • America’s Dentists Care Foundation – ADCF operates two-days clinics in cities all over the United States. You can find more information on dates, locations, times, and services on their website. No appointments are necessary, the first set amount of people to arrive are the ones that will be seen that day.
  • Mission Of Mercy – Mission of Mercy is a charitable organization that provides free medical and dental care to those in financial need in Maryland, Texas, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

All Ages

  • Oral Health America – OHA is an organization bringing education, oral health care, and providing oral health products to communities to help those in need of dental wellness and education in preventative oral care.
  • Dental Lifeline Network – DLN is another charity formed from the AMerican Dental Association. DLN offers charitable dental care to those in need, people with disabilities, the elderly, and to those with debilitating medical conditions. 


A Healthy Smile

These are just a few of the MANY charities, organizations, and foundations created to improve oral health and bring quality dental care to those who could not otherwise afford it. If you are in need of oral care, start here. If you are passionate about helping other people and have the means to partner with one of these wonderful organizations, thank you! Helping others is always a good idea, for those you serve, and for you. A healthy smile is something we all deserve. Thank you to the doctors and organizations that make this worthy endeavor a reality.


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