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Brilliant Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel - Strawberry-Banana 2oz

Brilliant’s Spry Tooth Gel is our natural tooth gel made for kids, without any “yucky” stuff often found in other tooth gels or pastes. Kids love the Strawberry-Banana flavor. Active ingredients include xylitol, which helps prevent cavities by reducing the number of pathogenic bacteria in the mouth and their ability to stick to teeth, gums, and other oral tissues. Safe if swallowed, xylitol also helps to remineralize teeth by increasing saliva production and lowering oral acidity. Create a healthy, Brilliant smile with Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel!

Parents need to understand that the oral care needs of kids are different from that of adults. At Brilliant Oral Care, we are committed to promoting good oral hygiene for children.

Brilliant’s Spry Tooth Gel is one of the most sought after oral care products in our product line. Here are some of the reasons why more parents are choosing Brilliant’s Spry Tooth Gel for their kids:

  • No yucky ingredients that Kids don’t like.
  • Available in flavors - Strawberry-Banana flavor.

Xylitol is the key ingredient present in Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel. Here are some dental health benefits of xylitol: 

  • It protects teeth and gums by attacking pathogenic bacteria to reduce their ability to stick to teeth, gums, and oral tissues.
  • Enhances salivary flow.
  • Promotes an alkaline oral environment.
  • Lowers oral acidity.
  • Safe if swallowed.
    Use With Any Toothbrush
    Use With Any Toothbrush

    Offers the proven benefits of xylitol by promoting a healthy mouth for emerging teeth and then protecting teeth and gums. Use a pea sized amount of gel to clean teeth and gums, 3-5 times daily. Use after meals, snacks, and at bedtime.

    The Xylitol Difference
    The Xylitol Difference

    Xylitol helps keep cavity causing bacteria from sticking to the teeth, decreasing the amount of plaque in the mouth. Use as part of a complete oral hygiene program. Perfect for all Brilliant Toothbrushes.

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