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Top Ten Affirmations Your Kids Need To Know

There’s no greater love than the love a parent has for their child and there’s no greater challenge than being a parent. It’s joy, love, fun, struggle, doubt, fear, and overwhelming all wrapped up in one adorable little package. We want many things for our children, but most importantly we want them to know they are loved, they are cherished, and they are cared for. Kids are needy little creatures! They have the basic human needs of course: food, water and shelter, but they also need to know they are loved, no matter what! Here are some great affirmations you can use to encourage your kids, to reassure them and to give them the confidence they need to live a full life and conquer whatever comes their way.


Counting Down The Top 10 Affirmations

  • 10 – That is a great question! Kids ask a million questions and it’s fantastic – that’s how they learn
  • 9 – You can accomplish anything if you work hard at it and don’t give up! Help give them the confidence to know they really can do what they set their mind to but it is going to take hard work and perseverance
  • 8 – You are so kind and thoughtful! Encourage them when they do nice things and show kindness to others without being prompted
  • 7 – I love how you think through a problem until you find the answer. Problem solving is a necessary life skill to have. Show them encouragement when they tackle a problem and find the answer
  • 6 – I love the way you love and care for other people. We want them to become children, then adults, that care about other people and make helping others a priority in their lives
  • 5 – It’ s okay to make a mistake, everyone does, even grown ups. No one is perfect, NO ONE!! We have to teach our kids that they are going to make mistakes, many mistakes, and the best way is to show them our mistakes. (Ouch!) The more transparent we can be about our own mistakes, the better they will be able to recover from their own (And humbling ourselves is not a bad thing, really!)
  • 4 – You are so brave, much braver than you realize. Life is full of scary stuff, lots of new things, experiences and unknowns. We can’t protect them from everything and we can’t live their life for them, so teach them to be brave and give them the positive reinforcement that they ARE brave. When they face scary stuff they will remember your words, they will remember you said they are brave and they will conquer the day
  • 3 -I believe in you and I know you can do anything you work hard for. Life brings lots of big challenges, many that will seem impossible. They need to know that you believe in them and that, even though it seems impossible, you are in their corner. Your confidence in them will become their confidence in themselves
  • 2 – I am so proud of you and so grateful you are my child! Everyone wants to know they have someone in their corner, cheering them on, proud to call them son or daughter, grateful for the experience of being a part of their life. Voice that to them as often as you can. It has lasting impact on them
  • 1 – I LOVE YOU, NO MATTER WHAT!!! The most important phrase and game changing knowledge they will ever know is that you love them, no matter what happens!



As you build and grow your relationship with your kids, and as you watch them grow, always remember to LOVE them. Love, as in the obvious love, but also these 4 points:

L – listen to them before responding

O – open up your arms, hugs make things better

V – value their unique gifts and abilities and encourage them

E – everything you do and say, they are always watching you


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