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The Benefit Of Cold Showers

I’m going to start this off by being brutally honest. The only way I like cold water is to drink it, on ice, during the summer, when I’m sweltering. Isn’t this supposed to be about the benefits of cold showers? Yes, it is interesting, informing, and fascinating to learn all the benefits of cold showers. The potential help and benefits of just simply turning your dial from hot to cold in your shower are really mind-blowing. Are the benefits greater than the uncomfortable shock of freezing water? That will be up to you to decide as you see what a blast of cold water can do for your body.


How Can You Benefit From Cold Showers?

What is the mystery behind a blast of cold water to your body? I think you’ll find the answers to be quite exciting and surprising. Cold showers:

  • They are a great way to wake you up, and no caffeine is needed. No doubt the cold water is a shock to your body first thing in the morning. But that shock boosts your alertness and increases your heart rate and intake of oxygen
  • It can help ease sore muscles post workouts. Cold water is known to have properties that can regenerate, so a cold shower can repair and relax your muscles after good exercise
  • Eases skin that is itchy and irritated. Doctors say that the cold sensation of the water takes away the feeling that you need to scratch
  • Increases your circulation and blood flow. Cold showers are one of the top ways to increase circulation because as the cold water hits the surface of your body, the blood flow that’s in the deeper tissues of your body have to circulate at much faster rates than average, which helps maintain a normal body temperature
  • Revives hair and skin. Cold water causes the blood flow to constrict and tighten, which is good for our skin. Cold water doesn’t dry out the layer to your scalp that is there to protect your scalp and hair (the sebum layer) and also strengthens the cuticles to your hair by closing them when cold water is introduced
  • Cold showers can ignite weight loss. Some of the fat cells in our bodies can create heat that can burn fat when our bodies are exposed to freezing conditions like taking a cold shower. These cold showers taken at least 2 to 3 times per week can actually speed up metabolism
  • Ease the symptoms of depression. Hydrotherapy is being used as a new way to treat those battling depression. Having a person take a cold shower 2 to 3 times per week for at least 5 minutes is seen as a very natural, easy way to conduct electroshock therapy. It’s called this because when the cold water hits the body, certain electrical impulses alert the brain, bringing clarity, higher energy levels, and alertness, along with endorphins being released, the person feels more positive and optimistic after the cold shower experience
  • Help fight off common sicknesses. As our bodies use leukocytes to help fight off infections, our bodies want to become resistant to the factors to which we are exposed. Taking a cold shower shocks the bloodstream to produce leukocytes, showing us that taking these cold showers could help build our resistance to things like flu, colds, and common sicknesses. People facing treatments for fighting disease or upcoming surgery are encouraged to take cold showers in preparation for these medical procedures because it will increase the production of leukocytes that can help their immune system
  • Pain relief. The cold water will cause your blood vessels to constrict, which can bring down swelling and slow the speed of the impulses to your nerve signals. This can slow down the rate that your nerves signal pain to your brain. These are some of the reasons why you apply ice to an injury
  • Strengthen your willpower. If you are looking to “toughen up,” taking cold showers could help you accomplish a feeling of conquering something difficult, increasing your confidence and stamina
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Points To Ponder Before You Freeze It Out

As with any medical suggestions or advice, your physician is the leading authority on what is best for you. If you are considering trying cold showers, ask your doctor first. There are things to consider before you polar plunge yourself into some cold water:

  • If you have a heart condition or heart issues, these cold showers are NOT for you! The cold water does put some stress on your heart, raises blood pressure, and can increase your breathing. Those with heart issues and conditions don’t need any more stress put on the heart
  • Medical professionals recommend that you gradually build up to cold showers. Start by lowering the water temperature for brief moments during showers, and when you decide to go fully cold, only do so in 30-second increments until your body is a little more accustomed to the shock
  • If you are already cold before taking a cold shower, you will be even colder than before, meaning it will take your body even longer to warm up 
  • Taking a cold shower while you are sick is not a good idea because the cold shock to your body will not be good for your already compromised immune system


As interesting and exciting as cold shower therapy can be, you want permission from your doctor before trying it out. 


Pain For Gain?

 I love really hot showers at night time as a way to decompress and wind down after a long day. And I typically refuse to jump into a pool where the water is by any means cool. After researching and learning more about the benefits of cold showers, I will try, little by little, to incorporate more cold water into my own showers. As the research states, cold showers have so many benefits I need to see for myself, especially in the hottest months of the year. The research into this topic was so fascinating. I have become compelled to test these benefits for my health. This is why we should be digging deeper into health topics that are full of knowledge we never knew before or even considered. If a simple thing like taking a cold shower can have numerous health benefits, what other simple things can we do to increase and improve our physical health and life longevity? Life is a journey, and it’s one I want to see and enjoy for many more years to come.


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