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Summer Family Fun Activities

It doesn’t take but a few days into summer vacation for parents to hear, “I’m so bored!,” from their kids. There are PLENTY of good family fun activities for you to do together, just waiting to be discovered. A little creativity, a little planning, and a willingness to have fun is all you need to turn summer boredom into summer fun. Grab the family, some paper and pens, and draft out your family “Summer Bucket List.” Need some help to get started? We were hoping so. Here’s some ideas and ways you can make this summer one of the best ever. It won’t take a lot of money or hours of planning, just some participation and a commitment to spend the time together, no matter what.


Family Fun Right At Home

You don’t have to travel hundreds of miles and spend thousands of dollars at a theme park to have fun as a family this summer. Some of the most fun activities you can experience are right there in your own backyard. How could that much fun happen in our own little corner of the world? Buckle up and get ready for these ideas to give birth to some great things to come!

  • Backyard obstacle course – Whether it’s simple 50 yard dashes or a homemade course full of bells and whistles, see who can win the backyard challenge
  • Create your own summer olympics – Use the olympics as a starting point to come up with some friendly family competition sports
  • Create your own mini golf course – Does Dad have old golf balls lying around the garage he isn’t using? Put them to good use by creating your own putt putt course in the backyard
  • Backyard camping – Dust off the sleeping bags and camping tents and have a family campout in your own backyard. Just don’t forget the bug spray
  • Lemonade stand – Nothing has a more sentimental feeling of summertime activity than a good old fashioned lemonade stand
  • Catch lightning bugs – During the day, let your kids investigate the science behind lightning bugs and how they “work,” then at night, let everyone go outside and try to catch their own lightning bug to study before releasing them back to night sky
  • Water balloon fight – Bathing suits required, outdoors only, but loads of fun to be had by all
  • Family project  – Make a care package you can take to your local fire station, police station or neighborhood co-op that can help those in public service or those in need
  • Treasure hunt – Everyone can pitch in with their own treasure to be found, with clues and riddles to be solved in the hunt, taking turns trying to find each other’s treasures
  • Bake sale – Summer is a great time to teach everyone how to cook a meal, bake cookies, cakes and other treats. Take it one step further and have a family bake sale with the treats you have made
  • Flashlight tag – Nothing is more fun that flashlights at night, add the game tag to it, you are sure to have many laughs
  • Make a bird feeder – Birds love the summer so thank them for all their lovely “singing” by making one of your family projects be to make a bird feeder and hang it near a window where everyone can enjoy watching all the birds that stop by
  • Homemade popsicles – Summer is a great time for fresh fruit and you can use some to make healthy, homemade popsicles, without out the added sugar of store bought popsicles
  • Puzzle competition – When you need some indoor activities on the rainy days, have a few puzzles handy and turn it into a friendly competition
  • Make your own pizzas – Have some family fun in the kitchen and let everyone take turns making their own pizzas


Don’t Forget An Important Member Of The Family!

There’s an important member of the family that can sometimes get overlooked in the chaos of everyone being home in the summer. Make sure some of your summer family fun activities include your pets!! Dogs, cats, hamsters, lizards, whatever pet you have adopted into the family needs to be included in some of your family fun.

  • Find a dog park near you
  • Include your dog or cat in your family campout
  • Let your pets take part in some of your outdoor games
  • Take your dog on your regular walks, jogs or hikes
  • Take your pets on a picnic with you 
  • Pets deserve treats too! While the family has a refreshing ice cream cone, popsicle or fruit cobbler, make sure your pets have a healthy treat they can enjoy as well


While you are having all the fun and doing all the family fun activities with your pets, don’t forget that your pet’s health is important too. They need rest, regular check-ups, and need their teeth brushed at least two to three times per week at the minimum!  “BRUSH MY PET’S TEETH?” Absolutely! They are susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease just like we are. A great, revolutionary brush for your dog or cat is the BrushMyTeeth Pet Toothbrushes, made with a round brush head that cleans all around your pet’s mouth, cleaning their teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks all at one time! Summer is a great time to make sure healthy habits are in place for the WHOLE FAMILY!



No matter what fun activities your and your family choose to do this summer, the important thing is that you are all together, working together, having fun together, spending time together and building memories that you will all cherish for the rest of your lives. Sometimes it’s the smallest, simplest of things that stick with us the most. The most valuable commodity a family has is time: it’s ever changing, flying by way too fast, and can’t be retrieved once it’s gone. Spend your time well and HAPPY SUMMER!!



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