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Online Exercise And Fitness Practices To Help You Stay Fit From Home

With more people working from home and staying away from crowded, indoor places, there is a shift to exercising at home. We all want to stay safe and we all want to stay in shape, so working out at home is becoming a new normal. Gyms are still open and most are going above and beyond to make their workout space safe and accommodating to all who still come to work out, and we celebrate that. This isn’t a knock against going to the gym at all. Gyms will never leave the realm of importance in the world of exercise and physical fitness. There is just a portion of us that can’t go to our local gyms right now and this is a way to find good, solid workouts and exercise programs from within our own homes. The ready availability of online exercise programs and workouts, coupled with the top notch exercise equipment you can purchase for your at home use is nothing short of miraculous and wonderful! There’s so much out there it can be quite overwhelming. Let’s take a look at a few workouts and equipment that might interest you in your pursuit of physical fitness at home.


How To Organize Your Home Workouts

Fitness physiologists and experts say that working out from home is absolutely a great option and the key to it all is being consistent. Exercising from home is also a viable practice because it goes from just an activity to an active part of your daily lifestyle. There are 5 important elements of any effective workout program that you need to make sure you are following:

  • Make sure you start with a warm up – Light walk outside or on a treadmill, a slow steady pace on your stationary bike
  • You need cardiovascular/aerobic exercise – Walk or jog quickly, ride your bike at a faster pace, do an energetic aerobic workout, etc.
  • Include strength building/resistance exercises – Lifting weights, weight bearing exercise, exercise resistance bands, etc.
  • Moves that increase flexibility – poses from yoga, floor stretches
  • Incorporate a cooldown at the end of your workouts – Cooldown can be similar model to your warm up, a low and slow cardio action that will help bring down your heart rate into a resting mode

What are some key things to remember to help you be successful and keep you consistent in your workouts?

  • Make an exercise plan – Plan the kind of exercises you want to do, what your goals are, and make your workouts a priority
  • Plan to exercise at a time that works for you, one where you aren’t going to be rushed or pulled in other directions
  • Track your workouts and your goals, keep up with your progress
  • A workout buddy is always a good way to keep you on target and motivated
  • Have several different workouts in different settings so you can change it up sometimes and not become bored


Exercise Equipment

At home exercisers like to branch out and get some equipment to help them in their physical fitness endeavors. Some equipment you might want to research or consider could be:

  • Treadmill
  • Stationary bike
  • Rowing machine
  • Weights
  • Workout (Yoga) Mat
  • Jump rope
  • Headphones
  • Mirror


Online Exercise Programs

Where does one start to find a good online workout? Here are a few suggestions for where you can begin your search:

  • YMCA 360 – They Y has some great online classes you can look into, no fees and no subscriptions
  • Peloton Digital – Everyone is familiar with the high tech stationary bike and it’s features, but Peloton also has an app that has many workouts for home and for outdoors
  • Fit Body App – an app that offers all kinds of fitness classes and routines
  • CorePower Yoga – Online yoga classes and exercises
  • Body Pump by Les Mills – Offers more than a dozen different kinds of online classes from yoga and dance to boxing and everything in between
  • Nike Training Club – Good variety of at home workouts, also give you a workout plan/schedule

These are just a few of the MANY great online exercise programs out there. These are just some great places to help you start looking as you begin your research to find which workouts are best for you.


YouTube Exercise Videos

You can’t mention online exercise videos without pointing out the variety of exercise videos posted on YouTube. Currently there are over 30 million fitness videos just on YouTube alone. Anything and every kind of workout you could imagine (and some you would never want to). Which ones are the best? With so many there, that’s hard to say, but doing your research is the key to finding what works best for you. Researching the top suggestions, here are ones that were rated well::

  • Cardio 305 Fitness – A dance party that’s a fun cardio workout
  • Cardio – OrangeTheory – Good for cardio, upper body strength, and core workout
  • Cardio -Heather Robertson – A good HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout with cardio, burpees, mountain climbers and shadowboxing
  • HIIT – Natacha Oceane – a good introduction to HIIT workouts, no equipment necessary
  • Move With Nicole – at home pilates workout
  • PopSugar Fitness – from how to hip hop dance to internal training, there is something fun here for everyone
  • Indoor Cycling Videos – For those who can’t afford a Peloton but need to mix it up with their at home stationary bike
  • Nike Master Trainer – all types of levels and kinds of workouts to try and master
  • Walk At Home  – by Leslie Sansone – great walking workouts you do right inside your home
  • Yoga – Yoga with Adriene always comes up in the top searches for yoga on YouTube. There are THOUSANDS of great yoga workouts on YouTube, so many in fact that I can’t even begin to start naming them. If you are searching for yoga videos on YouTube, specifically tailor your search to exactly what you are looking for, this will make it easier for you to find the exact ones you need

These are just a small example of everything exercise on YouTube. It is a great source with so many different choices, you won’t have any trouble finding something you like.


Whichever Workout You Choose, Keep Going!

As you can see, there is no end to the possibilities of working out at home. Whether you are taking regular walks or runs around your neighborhood, or you invest in a full home gym or Peloton bike, the important thing is that you are moving your body, working your heart and muscles, and becoming a more fit, healthier version of yourself. Everyone wants to be in shape but it takes work, commitment and discipline. You wouldn’t continue to drive your new car and never change the oil or put air in the tires. The best advice is to take the workouts you are interested in to your doctor and make sure they are safe and helpful for you, where you are in life and in your health journey. We are only given one human life, one human body, it’s up to us to take care of it. A healthy you will be a much happier you!


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