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How To Protect Others When You Are Sick

When you or someone you live with becomes sick, it is important to go the extra mile to make sure no one else becomes infected. From the smallest of colds to the worst of flu or covid 19, containing, isolating, and helping the one that is sick becomes top priority. If you are the one who is under the weather, taking care of yourself and protecting your loved ones from becoming ill becomes your new temporary mission in life. Stay calm and follow these easy, practical tips to keep illness contained and everyone else safe and well.


How To Stop The Spread Of Germs To Others

Being sick is the worst. Spreading your illness to others is also heartbreaking! Here are some practical tips to keep your loved ones well while you are sick and trying to recover:

  • STAY AT HOME WHEN YOU ARE SICK!! – Stay home from work, public places, and keep sick children home from school and daycare
  • Avoid close personal contact with others when sick – Hugs, kisses, handshakes, and whispering in someone ear should all be avoided
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue, your hands or into your arm/elbow bend and upper shirt sleeve, completely covering your mouth and nose, where your germs will not be projected out into the atmosphere to infect others
  • Wash your hands often and especially after sneezing, coughing, and blowing your nose to avoid spreading your germs. If you are temporarily away from soap and water, use an alcohol based hand sanitizer
  • Consistently disinfect and sanitize frequently touched surfaces like door knobs and door handles, light switches, cell phone, remote controls, sinks, countertops, toilet handles- objects that are touched frequently by everyone in the home
  • Don’t share a bedroom or bed with anyone when sick – isolate yourself from others in the house, don’t eat in the same room with others, try and use a separate bathroom when possible, have your own separate hand towel and bath towel that you change out after your illness has passed or use paper towels if possible
  • If you share a bathroom with others, make sure your toothbrush is not touching anyone else’s and be prepared to throw that toothbrush away and buy a new one after you are feeling better
  • Protect your loved ones by handling your own dirty dishes, used tissues, pillows, blankets and laundry to prevent them from coming in contact with your germs
  • If you must be around anyone in your home or out in public, wear a mask to prevent spreading your illness, keeping physical distance when possible


What To Do When Someone In Your Home Is Sick

Nothing puts a parent in “panic mode” faster than having a sick child. Whether it’s your child, spouse, family member, friend, or roomate, make sure to practice the following helpful tips, as well as the ones above:

  • People living in the home with someone who is sick should keep their distance from the infected individual. If you need to check on them or bring them medicine or food, wear a mask
  • WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY!! Regular handwashing is always important, but even more so when someone in your home is sick. Refrain from touching the dirty dishes, tissues, and laundry from the sick person at home, and if you must handle these types of items, wear gloves
  • Boost your immune system by taking vitamins and eating immune boosting foods with plenty of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin D to protect yourself against illness
  • Put the infected person that is ill in a separate room with access to a separate bathroom from everyone else, stocking their room with food, water, tissues, thermometer, over the counter pain relievers and fever reducers, and their own trash can
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and biting your nails as these are high germ spreading activities


Healthy Household

We all get sick at one time or another, it’s inevitable. But arming yourself with knowledge and good hygiene practices before illness hits will help you in your quest to stop the spread of germs to protect yourself and others. Making sure you and your family have a healthy, immune boosting diet and regular sanitizing procedures and cleaning will also help your household to stay a healthy household.


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