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Household Items That Have Multiple Uses You Might Not Be Aware Of

There is an old saying about how much treasure there could actually be in your trash. Things you throw away actually might still have value. The same can be said for everyday items you have lying around your house. Some of the simplest, most ordinary things have more than just one purpose if we take the time to discover their value. So, what items in your cabinets, drawers, kitchens, and bathrooms have more significant potential that you never knew?  Get ready to be amazed at all the life hacks all around you!

That Thing Does WHAT??

Get ready to be amazed as the ordinary household stuff unlocks some great potential!

  • Butter – Yes, one of our favorite condiments, baking ingredients, and go-to fats has many uses.

 *Spread a thin layer of butter on hard cheese after cutting to prevent mold and extra hardening. 

*Cat gets nervous when you have people over? Spread a little butter on its paws for calming and distraction. 

*Have trouble swallowing pills? Coat your pills with a little butter and they will slide down your throat with no trouble! 

*Cut part of an onion and want to keep the rest for later? Spread a little butter on the side you cut and it will stay fresh longer.

*Boiling water and don’t want it to boil over onto your stove? Add some butter to your boiling water and it will help to keep it from boiling over.

  • Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) – This beloved ingredient from our great-grandparent’s and grandparents’ day deserves recognition for its many great uses.

*Excellent for moisturizing skin and lips

*Can be used as a healing ointment for diaper rash, light burns, poison ivy, and other skin irritations.

*Use it as a barrier when you are dying your hair. Spread Vaseline on your forehead and around your hairline before coloring your hair so the hair dye won’t bleed onto your skin.

*A light layer of Vaseline on machinery and tools helps to prevent rust.

*Vaseline placed on hinges and drawers will stop squeaky cabinet doors and drawers.

*Add sea salt to some vaseline to create your own body scrub

*A little bit of Vaseline on your leather shoes and bags as a polishing cream helps give them shine.

  • Dryer Sheets – You know them as the catalyst for fresh-smelling laundry, but dryer sheets have many useful functions.

*Once your dryer sheet has done its job in the dryer, put it on your bookshelf between books to keep away mildew and mold.

*Take your used dryer sheets and put them in your dresser drawers to keep your clothes smelling good.

*Used dryer sheets work well for your cleaning. Use them to clean your mirrors, bathtubs, and sinks.

*Dryer sheets are great for calming static electricity in your hair. Pull one out of the box and smooth down your fly-away hair by rubbing the dryer sheet on your crazy, static hair. You will see a difference almost instantly

*Pack a dryer sheet in your suitcase with your clothes when you are traveling; it will leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean as you unpack.

*Have gunk and residue on your iron? Turn the iron on a low setting, not hot enough to burn you, and rub a dryer sheet on the areas that need cleaning, wipe it right off!

*Do you have trouble with a pet that sheds hair everywhere? Or a family member? Wipe the dryer sheet over the hair or fur areas and watch it come off!

  • Beer – More than just your first choice beverage for watching sports, beer provides some exciting benefits.

*Beer is excellent for cleaning your jewelry and copper items.

*The sugar in beer is known to stimulate growth in plants, while the acids in it kill fungus and bugs that could inhibit plant growth.

  • Teabags – Known as a favorite beverage, hot or cold, when added to water, tea bags provide more than just a healthy drink.

*Once soaked in water, tea bags bring relief to rashes, insect bites, inflamed skin, sunburns, and razor burns.

*A natural substance found in tea is called tannins. Tannins can constrict blood vessels which aid in healing by stopping bleeding, helping bruises, and reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

  • Cat Litter – Your cat isn’t the only one benefitting from the cat litter. It can be a multi-purpose help around the house.

*Cat litter placed in damp places like your basement, boat, or camper can absorb the moisture in those areas.

*Cat litter can be poured on top of the ice and slick surfaces, giving you traction to walk on them more safely.

*Pour some cat litter on your oil and grease stains in your garage; it will soak up the grease and oil and make it easier to clean.

*Cat litter dries out a wet cell phone much better than rice does.

  • Baking Soda – One of these items with the most known uses, baking soda has many purposes, so much more than a cooking ingredient.

*For health purposes, baking soda can help soothe sunburns, bee stings, and queasy stomachs.

*Baking soda is an aid in personal hygiene where it can be used with water as a      mouthwash, or as a deodorant.

*Add a little baking soda to your current laundry detergent, and it will help make your clothes cleaner and lengthen your amount of detergent.

*Mix baking soda in a jar with your favorite essential oil and scents and you have your own homemade air freshener.

  • Lemon Juice – More than just the main ingredient in lemonade, lemon juice abounds in multi-purpose household hacks.

*Suffering from a sore throat, cough, or cold? Mix lemon juice, honey, and water and drink for relief from throat pain.

*Chopping onions, garlic, or other smelly stuff on your cutting board? Clean your cutting board by rubbing it with lemon juice or sliced lemon to take away the smells and leave your cutting board sanitized and smelling fresh!

*Lemon water is great for washing your hands when cooking, eating, or handling sticky and messy foods.

*If you find your nails off-color and dull, soak your fingers in a lemon water solution to lighten up and brighten up your nails.

*A quarter cup of lemon juice added to your laundry load of whites will brighten them and whiten them very well.

*Lemon juice is an excellent compound to clean wounds and stop bleeding, especially if you find yourself away from a first aid kit.

Discovery Time

Now that you are aware of all the great things these normal household items can do, get to work! Reap the benefits of multipurpose goodness. These are just a few examples of ordinary things with extraordinary potential. What other things might you find in the goldmine of common home products? Happy exploring everyone!

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