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Fitness Through Unconventional Sports

Most of us are trying our best to get in shape. Exercising more, eating healthier, getting more sleep and taking better care of ourselves is a common goal among many of us. But walking, jogging, treadmill or biking is just a little too mundane for some people. Those who like to go “extreme,” those who miss competitive sports or just those who need an exciting workout to keep motivation going have something to be excited about. There are a lot of unconventional sports available now, some that I had never even heard of or knew existed before I started researching this fascinating topic. Need some exciting motivation to workout? We’ve got just the solutions you’ve been looking for!


Unconventional Sports

You may not have heard of some of these sports but they are growing in popularity. Want a new, exciting way to exercise? What about one of these:

  • Trampoline Jumping – What’s more fun than jumping on a trampoline? it gives you a great core, legs, and glute workout, to name a few. Some gyms and recreation centers offer organized trampoline classes that you can take advantage of. Regular trampoline activity can burn 400+ calories an hour
  • Roller Skiing – A new sport to the fitness game, roller skiing is a fun way to get a great workout. It’s a good combination of rollerblading and skiing. You will need your own pair of roller skis and ski poles. Roller skiing is a great aerobic workout out that improves your core stability, cardio, muscular endurance, balance, rhythm, and flexibility
  • Curling – No ladies, we aren’t talking about styling your hair. Known as an Olympic sport, curling is a lot of lunging, controlling, and balancing yourself on the ice, strengthening your core so you don’t loose the 44 pounds of rock you are maneuvering around
  • Fencing – A sport with fast action and great cardio that is often overlooked and forgotten. Fencing involves a lot of lunging and footwork, involving your lower body as you move around and your upper body as you swing your sword
  • Horseback riding – Most people don’t consider horseback riding a human exercise, thinking the horse is the one doing all the work. But horseback riding means you use your abs to stay up on the horse, your legs to guide the horse, and your glutes and quads to do different things as you ride. Horseback riding also enhances your flexibility and sense of balance
  • Rock climbing – Rock climbing is exciting and gives you a great cardiovascular workout, a very dynamic upper body workout, and builds up your back, arms, shoulders, chest and fingers. You can’t always get somewhere to have a good climb, so there have been gyms constructed as “rock gyms” with rock climbing walls, making this a more mainstream, easier to access sport
  • Underwater hockey – Never heard of underwater hockey? I had not either. Another great way to play a team sport with lots of excitement. Improves your endurance at swimming and your lung capacity for holding your breath. Snorkel, fins, and diving masks are worn, so a great game for those that love swimming and diving
  • Standup paddle boarding – A take off of surfing, participants in this sport stand on a longboard while they move themselves through the water using a paddle board. Strengthens your core and your balance, which can work together to make you a better swimmer
  • Ultimate frisbee – Ultimate frisbee has gained so much popularity that it will become an Olympic sport in 2024. It’s a team sport where two teams try to pass a frisbee into the other team’s end zone. It will improve your running ability, a good HIIT workout, boost the strength and power of your leg muscles and help you run faster during sprinting


“Blast From The Past” Ways To Exercise

Some of your fondest childhood memories are of games you used to play at school, riding around your neighborhood, and visiting the local skating rink. Want to relive some of those great memories as you work out? What about trying one of more of these:

  • Skateboarding – Not a new activity, but one that some have never thought about trying. Your lower body is what launches you forward on a skateboard, building up muscles in your legs and your core, and improving balance. It’s an exciting sport that won’t leave you bored, or “board” (pun intended)
  • Roller skating – A lot of us may have been roller skating as kids, but not really thought of it since becoming adults. Roller skating isn’t’ just for kids and it is a great aerobic workout, strengthening your lower body muscles and improving your balance
  • Dodgeball – Your nemesis team game from your childhood has returned. This game has been revived among adults and offers a great shot at team sports mentality and a thrilling way to get in shape. It improves your sprinting, your reflexes and your observation skills
  • Hula hoop – You probably had a hula hoop as a child, but it’s fun and physical benefits aren’t just for kids. Hula hoops are a fun way to exercise, work on your core and balance, and have some fun. Dance along to your favorite music and find a fun way to get some exercise


Make Exercise Fun

No matter what form of exercise you choose, whether it’s something we suggested or your own way of working out, MAKE IT FUN!! You don’t have to settle for a boring workout, there’s way too many exciting options open for you these days. Find a few things you really enjoy doing, then go do them. The more fun you can make exercise, the more you will want to do it and the healthier and stronger your body will become. Get moving and enjoy every second!


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