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Dentophobia looks and sounds frightening. However, it simply means a fear of being seen by a dentist. If we’re honest, the dentist office is not the most popular place people want to visit. Thoughts of strange instruments being used to examine or clean your mouth, frankly, can leave you with a “bad taste in your mouth.” This common fear may contribute to the reason 42% of people do not visit the dentist. Meanwhile, 85% of people agree that oral care is very or extremely important to their overall health.

Brilliant Oral Care wants to be the brand that makes oral care friendly and approachable. Whether you’ve had a bad experience, haven’t been able to find a dentist you like, or just simply don’t like going – we want to start the conversation in a healthy way. 

We believe that oral care hygiene is just as important as taking good care of your body. Often times, if one of our organ systems has an issue, this can cause symptoms that affect our oral health. 

Brilliant Oral Care provides solutions for your everyday life that will help make your dental visits go much smoother. Our Brilliant Toothbrushes remove over twice as much plaque than a flat toothbrush. The round brush head is the key! This means your dentist or hygienist may spend less time cleaning. Most brushes aren’t able to brush your cheeks, gums, and teeth simultaneously, but with the Brilliant Toothbrush it cleans everywhere it goes. Your dentist visits will become more enjoyable when you use brushes within the Brilliant Oral Care line up. 

Along with flossing and routine dental visits every six months, you’ll begin to see how Brilliant your smile can truly be.

We’d love to hear you chime in about your experiences. Are you fearful of going to the dentist, and if so why? If you have overcome this fear, what are some tips that have helped you?

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