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Caring for baby’s gums during the difficult time of teething!

You’ve enjoyed the first couple of months becoming a parent, the schedule and consistency of raising your baby has just started to reach a stage of normalcy when it happens. Baby starts to become fussy, won’t sleep long periods of time anymore, starts to drool like turning on a faucet, starts chewing on anything and yet, nothing seems to help. Welcome to the teething stage!! Teething symptoms can begin as early as 3 months old! As Baby grows and develops there is always a new stage to conquer. Babies are always changing and learning new things, and, as parents, we learn how to help them best in each new stage, gaining as much information as we can. The teething stage is always a challenge and can cause them frustration, but there are several ways you can help your baby through this difficult time with the happy result being healthy, strong baby teeth!

Take The “BITE” Out Of Teething!

Most parent’s first go-to teething remedy is quite simple: their finger! It is quite normal (and easy) to let your baby chew on your clean finger. You can also give them extra-added relief by rubbing and massaging their gums. By you putting pressure on their gums this could actually help to encourage the new teeth to emerge from the gums, bringing them (and you) some much needed relief!

“Chill Out” Their Gums!

During this active teething time you will notice that babies will put ANYTHING in their mouth. They are desperate to chew on anything around to help relieve their teething pain. This is a great chance to give them something safe to chew on like a teething toy and teething ring. Some teething toys are safe to put in the fridge or freezer and you can also wet a washcloth and refrigerate or freeze that to soothe baby’s gums. Make sure the gel-filled teething toys and rings are not too cold for your baby’s mouth if they have been frozen.

Another good teething option is cold, chilled foods. Frozen fruits or cold veggies can help, just always make sure they are under your supervision while chewing on these foods. If your child is 6 months -9 months old or older you can offer them some ice water in a bottle or juice cup. When all your options seem to not be working, ask your child’s pediatrician and see if they recommend giving an over-the-counter medicine like Tylenol, Motrin or Ibuprofen.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that parents avoid using topical numbing gels or creams that contain benzocaine. These topical gels and creams have the tendency to numb the back of a child’s throat and this can make it difficult for them to swallow.

“Chew On This, Little One. No Really, it’s Ok!!”

In this exciting season of  “firsts,” (first teeth) you want your baby to have the best at-home dental care that’s available. The Baby Buddy by Brilliant Baby’s 1st Teether-Brush will be the best choice for your child’s FIRST toothbrush! It is both a teether and toothbrush in one. We like to call it the “Chewable Toothbrush.” Specially designed for little mouths with newly emerging baby teeth to clean everywhere it goes and its soft bristles are gentle brushing on baby’s gums. Made of 100% FDA approved, food grade silicone, babies love to chew on it to relieve teething pain associated with the “Budding” stage of development where the “first teeth” are budding and pushing up through the gums. As they chew on the brush, not only are they brushing independently but they are helping the gums, allowing pressure relief for the “first baby teeth” to appear and the extra added bonus of a clean mouth. For extra teething relief, freeze before use. Dental care begins at home and this gentle Baby’s 1st Teether-brush will make teeth brushing time one of baby’s favorite things!!  Your baby’s teeth are so important, from the first tooth to a mouth full of teeth! Baby’s 1st Teether-Brush is a great way to begin introducing them to the habit of brushing their teeth and is recommended for babies 4 months – 24 months of age.

“Wipe Away Tooth Decay!”

We know how challenging this stage of teething can be for you and your child! We also offer another great product that you can use to brush and massage your child’s gums while also cleaning their mouth and any teeth they may already have. Take the bite out of this teething time with the Brilliant Wipe-N-Brush. It will protect your finger while you clean and massage baby’s gums and mouth. The Wipe-N-Brush fits over an adult finger, allowing the parent or caregiver to guide and clean baby’s gums and mouth. The Wipe-N-Brush is recommended to be used for babies ages 4 months and up, and it can be paired with Brilliant’s Tooth Tissues that contain xylitol. Xylitol acts as a barrier to bacteria in the mouth. Combining the cleansing action provided by the xylitol in the Tooth Tissue with the Wipe-N-Brush, baby gets a clean mouth and relief from tender, budding gums during teething. It’s easy to pair the two together, the Tooth Tissue goes right over the Wipe-N-Brush for twice the care! Using the Tooth Tissues and the Wipe-N-Brush to clean your child’s mouth from milk, food and juice, helps to prevent tooth decay and future cavities and introduces them to the act of of how to brush their teeth. The Wipe-N-Brush, Tooth Tissues and Baby’s 1st Teether-Brush help you to establish good oral care habits for your child that will last them a lifetime.

Sugar Is NOT Your Friend!

So much of the food, drinks, snacks, even juices on the market today have so much added sugar. For your child’s oral health and overall health, try to pay close attention to the amount of sugar in the foods they eat and the drinks you serve them. All this sugar can cause dental problems for our kids: tooth decay, cavities and damage to their permanent teeth down the road. What does sugary foods and drink have to do with a teething baby? EVERYTHING!! We are talking about creating good dental care habits for them from the very start. Being aware of the harmful effects of sugar on their health and oral health now will help you closely watch what they eat and drink as they phase from formula or breast milk to milk, then solid foods. Protect those smiles today and avoid giving them future access to too much sugar.

We Care!

As parents, protecting and providing the best care for our children is always our First and Top priority. A large part of our overall health is wrapped up in our oral health, from the first tooth and beyond. Brilliant Oral Care exists to make sure you and your family have the best at-home oral care available. We want your children’s baby teeth and permanent teeth to be the healthiest teeth possible and we want to help you as you begin caring for baby’s first teeth. Cavities and tooth decay are the enemy, we have the only weapons you will want to use in this fight! Choose only the best for you and your family, choose Brilliant!

 To see an explanation of the Wipe-N-Brush and Baby’s 1st Teether-Brush, check out our Youtube videos:

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