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Back To School Oral Health Checklist

There’s quite the popular phrase you hear around this time of year: “Back To School!” Whether you are a parent or child and this throws you into sadness or gladness, it’s a reality that can’t be avoided. So many things to think about as our kids go back to school like school supplies, backpacks, clothes, and important papers. One important thing to consider in this time of new beginnings and routine, are you making their oral health a priority in the midst of everything else? They are too tired at night to brush their teeth, they are running late in the morning, no time to floss or brush, sound all too familiar? As we schedule their bed time, wake up time, homework time and after school activities, add taking care of their teeth as one of their top priorities. Just like your child’s school gives you a checklist for back to school, here’s your checklist for their oral health and why it’s so important.


Oral Health Checklist For Your Kids

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing that one of your kids has a cavity. The pain for them, the money for you, and a whole heap of guilt aren’t on anyone’s “to do list” for the week! We want the best for our children and we want them to be as healthy as possible, and that includes their oral health. What can we do to help their mouths thrive and bring good news on dental visits? Here’s a comprehensive checklist for parents, and back to school time is the perfect time to get everyone on track!

  • Make sure your kids brush their teeth twice a day, no excuses!
  • Children need to floss at least once a day
  • Take your kids to see your dentist and hygienist twice a year (once every 6 months)
  • Encourage your children to drink at least 8 glasses of water (8 ounce glass) a day. Limit the amount of juice they have and keep them away from sugary drinks and carbonated drinks packed with sugar. It is simply not good for their teeth at all and sugar helps to breed bacteria in their mouth which can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Staying hydrated also helps to eliminate bacteria in the mouth that can form as well as the condition known as dry mouth
  • It’s important that children eat a healthy diet, one that is low in sugar, like we mentioned above, bacteria likes to feed on the sugar in your mouth. Not only does healthy food keep their bodies healthy, it also helps to keep their mouth healthy
  • Replace your child’s toothbrush every 3 month or after recovering from an illness
  • Schedule brushing time in the morning and in the evening, just like scheduling bedtime and wake up time
  • Keep a close watch on their teeth, look for any abnormalities or misalignments that you should mention to your dentist. As your kids become teens, have the dentist watch their wisdom teeth and see when they might need to be extracted
  • Kids learn by example. They will listen to you tell them about how important it is to brush your teeth, floss, and take care of their teeth, but they will pay the MOST attention to how YOU care for your own teeth. They may listen to us, but they are most definitely watching what we do


More Important Than A Checklist

As you go shopping for your back to school supplies and you start to implement your back to school routine, this is a great time to solidify your child’s oral hygiene routine and the importance it has on their health. Their overall physical health and mental health is always one of your most important concerns. Including brushing and flossing their teeth as a priority in their daily routine will help them to grow and flourish with a healthy smile, setting them in motion for a very bright future!


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