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5G And Its Effects On Health

If we find ourselves “chained” to anything these days, it’s our smartphones. Gone are the days of phone calls, flip phones, and pagers. We call them mobile phones, but we don’t make as many phone calls on them as other things. As soon as you think you’ve mastered how to use your smartphone, there’s a brand new one, more expensive, with more features and benefits to learn. With the revolving, ever-changing technology of our phones come new, innovative means by which the networks use and distribute signals, data, and all things information. As new technologies emerge, so do the ways they are distributed. You’ve undoubtedly heard of 3G, 4G, and 5G, but what exactly do these letter/number combos mean? And does 5G, the newest and latest marathon runner of data, have adverse health effects? It’s a pretty popular subject in the news today. Let’s look at 5G and see what information there is to understand this controversial topic better.


What Is 5G?

The G in 5G stands for generation, and the number explains what generation of wireless technology we are in now, the fifth generation, The first generation. 1G was categorized as analog cellular. Most of these generations are known by the speed at which they could transmit data. They are marked by a break in their encoding methods (or air interfaces). This break eventually phases them out by making them incompatible with the new next generation. 5G is bringing more extensive channels to speed up data, a latency that is lower and more responsive, and the capability to connect many more devices at one time. 5G operates by making a form of energy called electromagnetic radiation. This uses frequencies that are higher than the past generations of networks. This makes it faster and much more capable than its predecessors. 5G also uses beamforming, which means it can send data straight to devices, whereas the other generations were just able to send random signals that went out in different directions.

However, this doesn’t mean the end of 4G as 5G needs 4G to establish its connections and help its performance. Though you will hear 5G a lot, most carriers will be using a 4G/5G combined system for a good while. Improving 4G is key to making 5G successful. It’s like baking a cake; you use all top-quality ingredients and follow the directions, you get a fabulous cake. You can use top-quality sugar but go cheap on every other element, what kind of cake do you think you will end up with? The more prominent applications to 5G probably won’t be in total running capacity until sometime in 2022 (or maybe later).


What Negative Health Effects Are Associated With 5G?

So far, 5G sounds pretty good, and for the evolution and improvements of wireless technology, it is, and it will get better over time. But what are the adverse health effects of 5G that could affect you?

5G produces electromagnetic frequencies, and these frequencies produce an Electromagnetic Field, which has people concerned about the effects of EF on human health. The World Health Organization admits there isn’t loads of research about the health effects of electromagnetic fields to make big decisions about it but does acknowledge the following information that is known:

  • Mobile phones use frequencies that produce electromagnetic energy, and this causes the tissues in your body to get warmer, which can cause a slight increase in your body ad brain’s temperature
  • Older people have a higher rise in temperature from electromagnetic frequencies because they have reduced blood flow and less thickness to their skin
  • The higher the electromagnetic frequency, the more that will be absorbed by the body. Super high frequencies could cause heat that could result in burns, but the frequencies are regulated and restricted from being too high to protect people from this type of injury
  • (The World Health Organization states that the public is not exposed to high frequencies, so the risk of any heating of tissues is improbable)
  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer has been doing studies for a long time on the effects of electromagnetic exposure and if it can cause cancer. They found a small percentage where glioma and acoustic neuroma were possible and classified EMF as possibly carcinogenic to humans. Obviously, other health organizations disagree
  • A report in the International Journal Of Hygiene And Environmental Health states that there are interactions between EMF and the working biological systems of the human body that bring the chance of oncologic and non-oncologic effects, as well as metabolic, reproductive, microbiologic, and neurologic effects


What Does All This Mean?

I’m sure you are like me and were hopeful that this would distinctly address the health problems that could be caused by 5G with plain facts and straightforward ways to help avoid any problems. That was my intent as I set out to research this controversial topic. Still, numerous recent scientific publications point to potential issues but say more extensive research needs to be done to accurately define scientific evidence on electromagnetic frequencies and long-term exposure. And I do wholeheartedly agree that more extensive research is necessary and, luckily, IS ongoing. This will be one of those issues where we will have to keep digging in, being persistent about investigating and supporting those individuals and organizations devoted to finding the truth. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like a guinea pig in the world of science, but until there is more concrete evidence, that is just going to be the case. And like the guinea pig running in the wheel, I will keep on running until the medical research world gives me the concrete proof to inform loyal health and wellness readers, just like yourself, about health dangers and how you can best avoid them. Medical and dental professionals have proper procedures to protect themselves when using x-ray machines and other equipment that produces radiation, called non-ionizing radiation protection. We can use similar ideas and methods, making good choices when it comes to our mobile phones:

  • Limit the time you spend on your mobile phone every day. Exposure limits to mobile phones are crucial to potential health risks
  • Please don’t keep your mobile phone in your pocket or in close proximity to your body for long periods of time
  • Keep your mobile phone away from your head, don’t sleep with it right next to you
  • Limit your children and teenagers time on their phones and tablets, and don’t let them sleep or hold their devices for long periods of time


Make Smart Choices

Until the mystery of 5G and its effects on our bodies can be answered, use your best discernment and try to take “breaks” from your mobile device as often as you can, limiting exposure when possible. In our smart phone-obsessed world, that’s not an easy task, but staying healthy and keeping our loved ones healthy is always the top priority. Human health should be the top priority in all manner of life, business, and technology.


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