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MegaTen Lumi Sonic Toothbrush-White Pearl w/ 3x Refill Heads


Brilliant Lumi Sonic Travel Toothbrush Gift Set, Plus 3 Heads, AAA Battery-No Charging Cables, LED Light, Micro Bristles

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Easier and more enjoyable oral care for life on the go! No need for chargers and charging cables. Simply use a AAA battery (not included). Also, the compact design makes it easy to pack the Lumi Toothbrush in a purse, backpack, toiletries case, or even in your pocket. Be the first to get and gift our MegaTen by Compac Lumi Compact Adult Sonic Travel Toothbrush. Our new Brilliant brand features our toothbrushes with 360 degree bristles over 20,000 soft, rounded-tip, microfiber bristles. Softer, more effective brushing is now possible with the patented 360 degree bristle design and the gentle power of sonic technology. The sonic vibration of super soft, ultra-fine bristles generates water bubbles that attack and remove plaque. The 360 design allows for microfiber, high elasticity bristles to be used. Instead of flattening out and being damaged, the bristles are able to recover when rinsed with hot water, so that with each use you get the polished teeth feel as you would after a cleaning for your brilliant smile. Each package includes one sonic body with toothbrush head, plus three extra refill heads, enough to keep you smiling for one year (recommended use for one toothbrush is three months). Make your smile brilliant with the Lumi Adult Sonic Toothbrush by MegaTen by Compac. Feel (more…)

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Weight 0.352 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.75 × 9 in


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