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BrushMyTeeth Round Toothbrush for Cats


BrushMyTeeth Cat Toothbrush – Round Soft Pet Toothbrush – Soft Flexible Bristles for Safe and Gentle Brushing, 1 Count

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Daily toothbrushing helps your cat live a longer healthier life. Dental disease is the most common health problem of cats. Veterinarians recommend daily toothbrushing as the best way to protect your cat’s dental health between professional dental cleanings. BrushMyTeeth is the only patented pet toothbrush with basic info on package and detailed instructions at PetDental.Care. Cats learn new things differently than dogs so please read online instructions. You only need to brush the outer surfaces of the teeth because, for most cats, their tongue keeps the inner tooth surfaces clean. 12,000 short microfiber bristles create a ‘furry’ feel that cats like. Dental plaque bacteria cover the entire inside of the mouth, not just the teeth. Round brush cleans inside the cheek. Flat head toothbrushes do not clean inside of the cheek and have a hard plastic top that can poke the back of your cat’s mouth. BrushMyTeeth has a safe smooth end cap and ergonomic handle. Run water through the bristles before use to soften. Brush every day. After use rinse well. Stand upright to air dry. Replace with a new brush every 3 months. Veterinarian recommended toothbrush helps keep your cat’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. BrushMyTeeth Round Toothbrush helps Cats like Siamese, Persian, Maine Coon, Ragdol(more…)

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