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Brilliant Sensitive Toothbrush 3ct - WHITE


Brilliant Sensitive Toothbrush, Over 15,000 Bristles Great for Diabetics, Seniors, Sensitive Teeth/Gums, White, 3 Count

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It’s the Can’t-Miss Toothbrush Yep, it’s round. That means the bristles clean everywhere they go and in every direction, removing 2x more plaque and cleaning gums and cheeks better than a regular flat brush. It’s time for smarter brushing and a noticeably cleaner mouth. Feeling sensitive? Our extra-soft bristles are designed especially for anyone experiencing moderate mouth sensitivity brought on by conditions like diabetes or Xerostomia (dry mouth). Upgrade to a smarter brush. Get a noticeably cleaner mouth with less discomfort. Bring it on. All around bristle design brushes in every direction, for an all-around clean 18,000 microfine bristles are soft enough for extra sensitive mouths Guarantees brushing at the ADA recommended 45 degre angle

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Dimensions 0.7 × 3 × 9 in


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