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Brilliant Expectant Moms Toothbrush 3ct


Brilliant Sensitive Toothbrush for Expectant Mom, 360 degree bristles, Sensitive Teeth and Bleeding Gums, 3 Count

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It’s the Can’t-Miss Toothbrush Yep, it’s round. That means the bristles clean everywhere they go and in every direction, removing 2x more plaque and cleaning gums and cheeks better than a regular flat brush. It’s time for smarter brushing and a noticeably cleaner mouth. Smarter oral care for healthier moms and babies The bristle thickness, length, and count were selected to go easy on extra sensitive mouths that are common during pregnancy. Good oral health is one of the most important parts of prenatal care. Ready to give yourself and your baby the smartest oral care around? We gotcha covered. All around bristle design brushes in every direction, for an all-around clean 18,000 microfine bristles are soft enough for the extra sensitive mouths Guarantees brushing at the ADA recommended 45 degree angle

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Weight 0.102 lbs
Dimensions 0.7 × 3 × 9 in



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