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Top 5 Benefits Of An Electric Toothbrush

DISCLOSURE: Noelle Copeland RDH is an Oral Care Specialist and Dental Consultant who provides content for Brilliant Oral Care and Baby Buddy.

There are many toothbrushes out there to fit your lifestyle. An electric toothbrush is a solid option to consider and one I readily use in my own homecare. My personal favorites are the sonic electric toothbrush models, and there are fabulous kids electric toothbrush options with sonic motors if you want this option for your children too.

Suppose you have sensitive teeth but want the cleaning power of an electric toothbrush without the intensity. In that case, the best electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth will most likely be a battery-powered option or a soft bristle electric toothbrush with adjustable power levels.

Top 5 Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush

#1 Better cleaning results

Electric toothbrush technology is an advancement in oral care that has elevated the effects of regular toothbrushing “exponentially” when used correctly. Electric toothbrushes can clean the teeth and gums in 2 ways, making toothbrushing more efficient with better results.

Contact cleaning:

  • The mechanical force of the bristles being moved back and forth on a tooth’s surface. This is the most effective way of cleaning teeth, and when combined with vibrations, this method is more efficient in an electric toothbrush than with regular manual toothbrushing.

Non-Contact Cleaning:

  • Creating “fluid dynamics” happens when an electric toothbrush motor produces higher frequency brush strokes and vibrations. This action agitates the fluid surrounding the teeth and gums, which creates fluid dynamics that help to disrupt and destroy plaque and bacteria beyond where the bristles touch.

#2 Less work for you

When you have bristles that move and stimulate mouth tissue, you don’t need to use as much pressure or scrubbing motions to get a clean mouth. This is an excellent benefit for younger children, those with grip or dexterity issues, and anyone who wants a cleaner and whiter smile.

#3 Controlled pressure alerts

Some more sophisticated electric toothbrushes have pressure indicators to help deter heavy-handed scrubbers from wearing away their teeth with aggressive brushing. When too much pressure has been applied to the teeth while brushing, the toothbrush essentially stops working and forces the user to go lighter on their brushing routine. This helps to change habits and redirect heavy-handed scrubbers.

Too much pressure…

  • Damages teeth, brushing away tooth enamel and gum tissue.
  • Higher frequency electric toothbrushes only need to be gently driven around the teeth with little to no pressure applied. The frequency is powerful; the brush literally does the work for you.
  • Using excessive or inappropriately placed pressure with these models can rapidly recess gums and tooth enamel, leading to irreversible damage.

#4 Subscription-based refill programs

Now you have the option of choosing a toothbrush that helps you remember to change out the brush head. With subscription-based programs, you set the reminders, and they mail you the refills and therapeutics like toothpaste, mouth rinse, and even dental floss. For anyone whos crazy busy or those who just like the convenience of delivery service, this can be very appealing.

#5 Different types of Electric Brush head options

Rotating-Oscillating Electric toothbrushes-

  • Have small circular brush heads that rotate rapidly back and forth, like a windshield wiper to remove plaque. This brush type should only be used on one tooth at a time. You should not use lengthy sweeping motions with this brush, as it renders it ineffective and can damage gum tissues when misused.

Sonic Electric toothbrushes-

  • Have rectangular brush heads and use vibration technology to loosen plaque and bacteria from the teeth and gums.
  • Come in a variety of frequencies. The frequency strength determines the brushing method.

Talk to your dental professional if you are concerned about your oral care or need help finding an electric toothbrush for sensitive teeth or a children’s electric toothbrush. If you were looking for the best way to establish an effective home care routine, you’ve found the right place at Brilliant Oral Care. Our patented round head bristle toothbrush not only removes the plaque on teeth, it simultaneously cleans and removes the plaque and bacteria found on the cheeks, gums, teeth, and tongue. It’s the bristles that make all the difference when performing oral care. Don’t forget to #BRUSHBRILLIANT.

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