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The Brilliant Difference

DISCLOSURE: Noelle Copeland RDH is the oral care specialist and dental consultant to the Brilliant and Baby Buddy oral care lines through Compac Industries. See terms below.


The benefit of having a toothbrush with a shorter, thinner, more compact bristle design, is that we can use 10,000 plus bristles on each toothbrush which allow the teeth to get brushed with the rounded  tipped ends “more so” than the sides of the bristles. So Instead of the bristles “sweeping” the teeth like a one sided brush does, which is similar to the way a broom would sweep the floor, the compact shorter bristles clean the teeth with more of the tips of the bristles, creating a polishing result that removes more plaque directly while the thousands and thousands of bristles simultaneously act like a microfiber and “Capture” more debris left in the mouth, due to the compact and ultra fineness of the bristles.

15x More Bristles Than a Flat Toothbrush

One of the negative side effects from using a toothbrush with longer,  coarser bristles that have sharply cut ends is that the bristles can scrub away the gumline and even the enamel of the tooth if the brush is used incorrectly or too aggressively. The most effective way to brush, as recommended by the ADA for optimal plaque removal, is a method called the “Bass Method.”

This method allows a patient to brush the tooth surface and also reach the gumline, the bristles can brush too much of the gumline if the 45 degree angle is not maintained correctly, for the entire time the oral care routine is being performed. Adults struggle with this technique, so it’s no wonder that children and the physically impaired have major challenges brushing correctly and effectively.

The number one issue most people complain to their dentist(s) about is “Sensitive Teeth” and the number one selling toothpaste  is sensodyne. We now have an oral care market that is flooded with a bunch of one sided, flat toothbrushes with bristles that are too long and too coarse, that contribute to gum recession and enamel wear that causes sensitive teeth for so many.

In contrast a Brilliant Sensitive Toothbrush actually has built in 45 degree angles, because its round, which is in essence, Brilliant! This eliminates some of the dexterity issues certain populations have with angling the toothbrush to 45 degrees and then keeping it that way throughout the entire brushing routine, it also makes it a lot easier when you are brushing someone else’s teeth for them, like children, special needs persons and geriatric adults. 

Way more of the actual tooth surface is being brushed with the bristle tips of the Brilliant brush removing more plaque on the tooth itself and the other 360 degrees of plaque that is getting addressed on the cheeks, tongue, lips and gums simultaneously, and because of the round design, right at the moment where the bristles CAN dig into the gum tissues more if the angulation is not correct, the Brilliant bristles turn back and “AWAY” from the gum tissues whereas on a  flat brush, the bristles actually turn “INTO” the gum tissues.

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