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Tooth Tissues BUNDLE with Wipe-N-Brush


Brilliant Bundle with Tooth Tissues Xylitol Wipes Bubblegum Flavor 30 Count and Silicone Wipe-N-Brush Finger Brush

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Nurture a lifetime of good oral habits with proactive oral care. Baby Buddy’s Wipe-N-Brush, combined with Tooth Tissues, is a specialty finger toothbrush that allows you to wipe, clean and sooth tender gums. Stage 3 of a complete, 6-Stage Oral Care System, these innovative care products grow with your child from birth to age 12. The first 4 stages are designed to take care of budding baby teeth from the start with state of the art, safe and soft products that children love to chew on. Stages 5 and 6 progress to distinctive toothbrushes for ages 4 months to 12 years that easily clean those hard-to-reach places where food and plaque can build up and cause cavities and other oral problems. Use Stage 3 Wipe-N-Brush every day until baby’s back molars come in, at approximately 16 months of age. Made of natural materials, the bubble gum flavored Tooth Tissues are wipes containing Xylitol that are paraben and fluoride free. The Wipe-N-Brush is BPA-free and made of food grade silicone. Wipe-N-Brush was invented by a locum dentist to provide finger protection and aid in cleaning gums and teeth with soft cloths, such as Tooth Tissues. Babies will “drool” over the feel of soft silicone on their gentle and tender gums. The Wipe-N-Brush is designed to take the “bite” out of teething, as parent(more…)

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