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Brilliant Kids 1st Sonic Toothbrush

Children love to have fun, and they will when you brush their teeth with the Brilliant Kids 1st Sonic Toothbrush. The perfect introduction to sonic toothbrushing, just for kids! The built in multi-colored LED light and sonic motor are gentle, fun and interactive. While you brush their teeth the light allows them and you to see inside their mouth, while the gentle sonic motor helps massage and clean the mouth. Designed with  24,000 microfine bristles that reach multi directionally to help clean their gums, teeth, tongue, and cheeks simultaneously.  Includes one sonic body and two Brilliant heads. ( Refill heads are available and should be changed every two months) a single AAA battery ( not included) lasts 304 months on average.
The Can't-Miss Sonic Toothbrush
The Can't-Miss Sonic Toothbrush

The Brilliant Kids Sonic Toothbrush combines the gentle cleaning power of sonic vibration technology with our patented round brush head design. Sonic vibrations generate waves and micro bubbles that help remove plaque and bacteria while over 24,000 bristles clean and massage everywhere they go, removing 2x more plaque than a regular brush.

Painless & Easy Brushing
Painless & Easy Brushing

Our micro fine bristles have round-cut ends suitable for kids' teeth & gums. Wet the bristles, turn it on, and brush. Start in one quadrant of the mouth and move to the next each time the brush pulses. Rinse well and air dry.

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