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What We Can Learn From The Older Generation To Help Us Move Forward

We are in a time when anything and everything “new” seems exciting. If we are being honest, new is exciting. New technology, new automobiles, new innovations along with the advances in social media and tv shows are fantastic improvements. But if we aren’t careful, we miss the greatest lessons we can learn from those who have lived almost a lifetime more than we have, family members that have lived what we consider history. In his book, “The Greatest Generation,” Tom Brokaw learns a lot from the generation that lived and fought through World War II. In his book he reports, “A common lament of the World War II generation is the absence today of personal responsibility. ”

Some of the most important life advice we can receive won’t be coming from a laptop, phone or tablet. It will come from the generation that has lived real history, and lived long enough to tell us, and teach us about it. The greatest mistake would be letting ourselves get so wrapped up in the “new” of today that we miss the advice of “what was.” Men and women from the greatest generation (and after) were asked what advice would they offer to today’s up and coming adults, the heirs to the world, businesses and communities that they worked so hard to build. This is a collection of their life lessons. May their advice on the greatest and most relevant topics encourage and inform us as we walk the paths they walked before us.

Love, Marriage & Family

The greatest, most meaningful advice from the older generations is that of lessons learned in love, marriage and family. Their words ring true, full of wisdom to help us learn to prioritize the most important things in life.

  • Fall in love with someone your family loves as well
  • Don’t rush into anything, real love takes time
  • Real romance is in the little things
  • Family comes first, ALWAYS!
  • Tell your spouse and children that you love them every single day
  • Always seek to be the peacemaker, learn how to resolve conflict
  • The greatest joy comes from helping your spouse and children do well in their important interests.
  • Spend quality time with your loved ones. Time passes quickly, Quality time will be cherished forever as beautiful memories.


Our careers are what drive us, help us forge our place in the world, what helps us provide for our families. The generations before us were no different, which makes their advice even sweeter for young generations. There’s so much wisdom to be gained from those who have lived life before us, we just need to be quiet long enough to hear it. Their career advice isn’t necessarily new, but having learned it the hard way, it does make it ring true.

  • Start saving for retirement upon receiving you very first paycheck
  • Invest your money as soon as possible and as often as you can
  • You never stop learning, keep expanding your mind and your knowledge
  • Don’t stay at a job you hate
  • Never stop searching for a job you truly love
  • Don’t bring your work problems home with you
  • Play to your strengths but always work on your weaknesses
  • Don’t be afraid to switch fields or occupations. Gravitate to the interests where your heart finds joy.


Life Lessons

Hearing “life lessons” from those who have lived before you are the greatest gift they can pass down to you. When the older generations want to tell you what they’ve learned, the best thing you can do is close your mouth and open your ears. Life is about to pour some good insight your existence!

  • Don’t waste so much time worrying
  • ALWAYS take care of your body, eat well and exercise so you can make it to 100
  • Get to know all the people you can and make as many friends as possible
  • Those that are older than you know more and have experienced more than you have, listen to them.
  • Debt is equal to destruction. Pay off your debts as quickly as possible.
  • Never, ever lose your sense of humor. Laughter will keep you young.
  • Never go to bed angry
  • Everything will require more money and more time than you think it will
  • Travel while you are young and physically able to travel
  • Invest lots of time and effort into your friendships


Today And Moving Forward

Our advancements in technology, information and entertainment are impressive, but they put us at a race car speed, faster than we should be going. One of the biggest takeaways that younger generations should absorb from the older generations is this: life moves quickly on its own. Add in the fast pace we are now forced into moving and it’s gone before we can blink. It’s true, physically older people do move and speak slowly. But isn’t that the rate at which we should be listening to what they have to say? Taking time to enjoy life, savor every second with the ones we love, watch the trees blow in the wind, slowly chew and enjoy a really good meal, these are the things we should slow down to appreciate. Let’s follow the wisdom of those who have come before us and enjoy this gift of life we have been given. Because, like all good things, it does come to an end. At the end of our life, we want to be able to say we lived it, loved it and carried it well. Let the advice that we pass down ourselves one day, echo those that we have learned from, so that the lesson of living a full life is never lost to the ones who come after us.


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