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Valentines Day Gifts That Don’t Cost A Fortune

We all want to make our significant other feel special on Valentine’s Day, but none of us want to go into debt every year around February 14th either. There are so many ways to make your loved one feel celebrated without bleeding money and breaking your bank account, all it takes is a little creative thinking and prep work on your part. As we have been challenged to become creative with holidays, birthdays and special occasions in the midst of a pandemic, Valentine’s Day is no different. Take this opportunity to show the true meaning of love by putting thought and action into what we plan, the key to making our loved ones feel special. Nothing says “I love you” quite like someone who’s willing to put in the time and effort to make someone else feel cherished and appreciated!


Food is always a good way to show love, and food is sometimes the way to another’s heart!

  • If you are experienced in the kitchen, or feeling brave, make your loved one’s favorite meal for Valentine’s Day. The effort alone will show how much you cherish them!
  • Type and print your dinner menu and leave it alongside your impressive table decor (flowers, balloons, heart shaped candy in wine glasses, you get the idea).
  • Scared of the kitchen? Try getting their favorite meal from their favorite restaurant as take-out for your Valentine’s meal.
  • Find (or make) their favorite sweet dessert, decorate it up with hearts. Sweets for your sweet is always a good idea!
  • Chocolate is always a good gift, always! If your Valentine has a chronic sweet tooth, by all means get them their favorite sweet treat, wrapped and boxed in love.
  • Gather up some of your favorite foods and beverages and go on a picnic to a beautiful spot. Create a playlist of music that you both love to play during your romantic picnic.



Flowers are always a common, yet welcome gift for Valentine’s Day. You can still get flowers in an economical way.

  • You can still get your sweetheart roses for Valentine’s Day, but you can be thrifty about it. Buy that bouquet of a beautiful dozen roses at your local grocery store, just buy some pretty, heart design tissue paper to wrap them up. If they have to work on Valentine’s Day, skip the delivery charge and deliver them in person.
  • Some people love flowers but they get sad when their bouquet dies after the big day. Look into buying them a rose bush for the yard or a plant that can live indoors in a planter, that way they can enjoy it for a long time and think of you when they see it every day.
  • If your significant other is a garden enthusiast that loves to grow their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs, you can get them a gift card to their favorite garden supply place to use when it’s time to plant in the spring.


Gifts And Cards

Want to skip the flowers and chocolates and go straight to gifts and cards? Or all the above? I applaud your commitment to love! Here are some ways to make gift and card buying a little easier on your cash flow.

  • Get crafty and make your own card for your loved one! It doesn’t have to turn out like a flawless piece of art, the fact that you made it and put your own words to it will make all the difference. Write your own love poem to them for extra brownie points!
  • If you can’t settle on just one card, get them a funny card and a mushy card.
  • If your Valentine is the one who does it all, the cooking, cleaning, errands, and takes care of the kids, give them what they need: A DAY OFF!! Take on their chores and responsibilities for a day, let them sleep in, and spend their day in pajamas watching their favorite movie. You can’t lose with this one!
  • A good gift to give each other? Lock up your phones for the entire day of February 14th. Cook your meal together, eat your desserts together, watch the movie together, focusing on each other with no distractions!
  • Hide whatever gift you have bought them and leave little notes with rhyming clues all over the house to take them on a scavenger hunt to find it. Bonus point for leaving chocolates or sweets with each clue!
  • Practical gift givers will go for this one. Buy a basket and fill it with everyday things your love uses: toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, etc.
  • A sweet, loving card with a gift card inside is never a bad thing!
  • Narrow down both of your favorite romantic movies of all time, agree on two, and rent or purchase them to watch on Valentine’s Day.
  • Utilize your local dollar store for balloons, decorations, candy and neat little treats to make the day even more special.
  • A day trip to somewhere fun is always a good idea.Whether it be a park, lake, the mountains or a sentimental place, getting out and away from home for the day is always a gift.


Give Love Away

Whether you spend this Valentine’s Day in an exquisite field, overlooking the mountains with a gourmet picnic spread, or on your couch with popcorn and a movie, don’t forget the greatest gift you can give those you love is your time. Spending your time together, in whatever setting you choose, is the greatest gift you can give on this Valentine’s Day. Show love, spread love, BE love!


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