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Top 10 Ways You Can Improve Your Mental Health

There’s never been a time in history where mental health and its vital importance has been at the forefront of important conversation. Not long ago, struggles with mental health were viewed as shameful, often ignored, something rarely even talked about, even behind closed doors. The revelation of mental health and wellness and it’s direct impact on physical and whole body well being is nothing short of a miracle, and one that has been necessary for a long time. It shouldn’t have to take a global pandemic to open eyes to the importance of one’s emotional health, but it did and it’s one positive that has come out of something so negative. Physical and mental health is vital to life, that’s not a brand new concept, but talking about the steps we can take to improve mental health is now becoming necessary conversations. There’s so much information that is so important, research alone could fill thousands upon thousands of books. Today, we are going to focus on 10 ways that you can improve your mental health.


Top Ten Ways To Better Mental Health

There’s nothing easy about mental health and there’s no “fix all method” that works for everyone. Here are a few suggestions, found in research, that have helped others:

  1.  Take care of yourself. A run down, weak, sick body isn’t going to help your mental health. Eat healthy foods, exercise, get some fresh air and some sunshine, and always get a good night’s sleep. I know it sounds easy but in reality, can be difficult, especially if you are struggling. The better your body is in, the better you will feel.
  2.  Treat yourself to things you enjoy. Listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite movie, enjoy at least one cup of your favorite coffee everyday, ask a friend to join you at your favorite restaurant. Enjoying the things you enjoy is a great way to put a smile on your face and put a little bounce back in your step.
  3. Stay in the middle of a circle of people that love and care about you. Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, people that bring you joy and care about you are great medicine for mental health.
  4.  Find positive ways to deal with stress. Don’t bottle up stress and anxiety, that’s not good for you physically or mentally. Take a walk, go for a run, put on some good dance music and work out the stress. Once you get out some frustration, sit down and write out a plan to handle the things that are causing you stress. Seeing a plan on paper is a good way to let go of lingering stress and frustration.
  5.  GET HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT!! Talk to someone when you are struggling. Whether it’s a friend, family member or a counselor or therapist, talk to someone about your struggles. You’ll be amazed at how talking to another person can lift the weight of whatever you’ve been carrying.
  6. Make gratitude a daily practice. It may sound cliche, but taking a few minutes at the start of each day and finding at least three things you are grateful for turns your focus from negative to positive as you begin your day. It doesn’t mean bad or frustrating things won’t happen, but it does mean that when they come, you’ve already pinpointed several good things you have going on in your life that can keep your thoughts in perspective.
  7.  Break away from the everyday routine when you can. Whether it’s a weekend camping trip with friends, visiting family for a few days, or a week at the beach, try and plan little trips away as often as you can. These will give you something to look forward to and recharge your battery to return to home and work, feeling refreshed and excited about your next getaway.
  8.  Show and express some love and kindness to others. This can be doing nice things for family and friends, volunteering at a local shelter or community organization that helps those in need, adopting a pet from your local shelter, or just being available to those around you that you know could use your help.
  9.  Alcohol and drugs won’t help your situation, they will only make it worse.You may think they can take away pain or change how you feel, but anything they do is a very short, temporary fix that will only hurt your physical health and you in the long run.
  10. Accept the fact that EVERYONE struggles with something. You are not alone in your pain and depression. Don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself or on other people. The more people you talk to, the more you will find how each one of us is fighting some kind of battle, the key is learn how to face it together.


The Best Kind Of Help

We hope that these blogs are helpful to you and that you find some good ideas and solutions through each one. As much as we know information is resourceful, there is no substitute for a trained, experienced medical professional for your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

They are the best kind of help, and we encourage you to find one that is best suited for you and your specific needs. 


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