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The Importance Of Good Running Shoes For The Runner

Now, more than ever, we are aware of how important exercise is to our overall health and wellbeing. Over 60 million Americans were running for exercise in 2017. Running isn’t’ a new thing, it’s been around since the beginning of time, but it remains one of the most common forms of physical activity for us because, to put it honestly, it’s free! No gym membership, online activity fee, exercise DVD to purchase, you just get out and do it! There is one important form of equipment that you do need to run effectively, for protection for your feet, knees, back, legs and joints: GOOD running shoes! Are the shoes you wear while running really all that important?

You better believe they are! Good running shoes don’t come cheap but are proven to be worth the money. How can you justify paying $80 and up for a shoe that will hit pavement, dirt, mud and muck? Let’s take a look at why you should invest in a good pair of running shoes and how your body will thank you for doing so!

The Benefits Of Running And Good Running Shoes

Running itself has great benefits for your health. It increases your lung capacity, helps you lose body weight and helps to lower your blood pressure. Good running shoes are also good for you, as a runner, and essential because they:

  • Cushion the midsole area of your foot from the impact of foot to ground
  • Provide support for your arches
  • They help prevent injuries 
  • They improve your running performance
  • Reduce stress on the ankles, heels and toes
  • They help to prevent/reduce back, hip, and knee pain
  • They help to prevent the occurrence of tendonitis, joint pain, and stress fractures


Effective running is about an effective workout. You won’t do your body any help by injuring yourself when you are trying to get in shape. People that spent years running in cheap or old shoes because they thought costly running shoes were a gimmick, have found that decision costly on their bodies. Back pain, knee pain, and joint pain are now something they live with, wishing they had known the importance of good running shoes in their running days.

Popular “Myths” About Running Shoes

We’ve established that good quality running shoes are vital to the runner and to their body, but that doesn’t mean everything you hear or read about running shoes is ultimately true, or a valid reason to charge an enormous amount of money for shoes. Let’s bring to light some myths about running shoes that are NOT true!

  • There is no one “perfect” shoe for everyone
  • Just because one company’s shoe brand works well for you once doesn’t mean that particular shoe brand will always be the best fit for you
  • A certain brand of shoes can make you run faster. (Did anyone actually believe that?) 
  • The only difference in men and women’s running shoes are just design and colors
  • Lighter weight running shoes are faster

Keep Your Body Safe

Bike riders need helmets, football players need helmets and soccer players wear shin guards. As these items are protection for those playing sports, runners wear good running shoes in their craft. Whether you are training for a marathon or the Olympic track and field team, or running through your neighborhood to exercise and improve your health, runners need good running shoes for their protection. Like a helmet in a potentially dangerous sport, good running shoes will protect your feet, knees, back, and joints from injury and potential long term damage to your body. Though good shoes aren’t cheap, they are an investment in protecting your body through your exercise. Do the research, try on lots of different brands and kinds of shoes, try several different ones, then you will find a good running shoe for you. Some of the most well known brands have outlet stores and websites where you can find shoes on sale and clearance, maximizing your money and giving you the ability to afford the best shoes. When it comes to your health and taking care of your body, you deserve the best!


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