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The “Epiphany” of Round Toothbrush Technology!

It happens every time. Toothbrush finally falls apart, time to go buy a new one, and there it is, your foe, the “toothbrush/toothpaste” aisle. Row and rows of brushes.  “Soft, firm, gentle”, the packages claim. Red ones, blue ones, green ones, you name the color or design and it’s well represented. Angled handles, straight handles, single brushes, multi-packs. It’s overwhelming really.  And what exactly are you looking for? The best brush for your teeth at the best price. A brush that will clean your teeth but not tear up your gums, one that keeps you from getting cavities but also doesn’t “eat up” your wallet.  But which one? After trying them all, they clean the same. Don’t even mention the pain that comes when you go to clean your back teeth and accidentally jam that flat head toothbrush into your gums!

Are you at that point where you know there is something better out there and you are committed to search until you find it?

Your search leads to The Brilliant “Can’t-Miss” Toothbrush.  EPIPHANY!! A toothbrush with a round head? How is that even possible? How do you even use it? The brush is Brilliant because it’s round, that means the bristles clean everywhere they go and in every direction. Our toothbrush successfully removes 2x more plaque by reaching multiple surfaces of your teeth and gums all at once, while giving you a soft, gentle clean.  Its technology lies in the fact that the round head brush has thousands of microfine bristles that polish your teeth as they clean in every direction. Brilliant brushes clean the teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue better than a flat, one-sided toothbrush. Your epiphany has led you to The Brilliant Toothbrush: cleaning your teeth, mouth, gums and cheeks like no other brush could! It’s affordable, durable and EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for!! This is your chance for more efficient brushing with a noticeably cleaner mouth. All-Around Bristles for an All-Around Clean. It makes so much sense now! No more wandering the aisles at the store, digging through toothbrush after toothbrush. With the Brilliant brush you literally “can’t miss!” 


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