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Sweets That Don’t Rot Your Teeth

Dessert. Just the sound of the word makes your mouth water, your mind races about your favorite sweet treat. Now you want to go get it and indulge, I know. Why must dessert be so bad for our health and our teeth? Sticky, sugary and even starchy foods create bacteria in our mouth that make acids that cause the enamel on our teeth to break down. I’m sure you know the term, tooth decay. Tooth decay leads to cavities, cavities lead to dental problems for you, not a favorable experience anyone is volunteering for. A constant intake of sugary foods increases the chances of tooth decay. That cheesecake you were imagining a few sentences ago is starting to lose its appeal, a little bit, isn’t it? One of the many reasons brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, and keeping regular appointments with your dentist are vitally important to your overall health.

Healthy Sweets

What if dessert itself isn’t the enemy. Maybe we aren’t eating the right KINDS of dessert. There are many sweet treats that aren’t high in fat or in sugar, they just don’t make it to the commercials or advertising spots as the ones we are inundated with on a regular basis. Healthy sweets? Sweets that won’t cause us tooth decay? Let’s explore this further:

  • Some sweet, healthy treats are Apples and Pears. Both with their crunchy nature actually work like a natural toothbrush. No guilt and good for you!
  • Yogurt (with no added sugars) is full of phosphorus and calcium, both help to aid in repairing tooth enamel.
  • Sugar-free peanut butter, high in protein and an ingredient in common candy, only sugar free to benefit your health and teeth.
  • Natural dried fruits give you fruit in a different way and allow you to eat something sweet without guilt.


Desserts With No Guilt (or not too much guilt)

I know, the above suggestions sounded like a diet list to someone with a sweet tooth, understandable. What about REAL desserts? Do any healthy options exist that will fill my cravings for decadent desserts? Actually yes, they do:

  • Dark chocolate is actually a healthy alternative, very high in antioxidants and can actually help lower your risk for heart disease. Before you throw open the pantry to look for some, make sure you are reaching for some withOUT sugar and added preservatives. The best option is to find a high quality version of dark chocolate with a high cocoa content.
  • Frozen fruit popsicles made with real fruit. Some contain added sugars, some do not, be sure to read the package and find the best option. Sometimes organic items are more likely to contain less added sugars.
  • Enjoy your favorite type of nuts. They are not naturally sweet but can be added to healthy dessert options. Nuts can actually help your teeth by breaking up the sticky parts to candy where they are an ingredient. The fiber and protein in the nuts can help to break down some of the film on your teeth. If you can find dark chocolate covered nuts, (the low sugar healthy kind) you can feel better about your choice of sweets. If you are going to indulge, desserts or candy with nuts are a good choice.
  • Your best option may be your favorite search engine. Search for healthy dessert option using your favorite ingredients. You won’t believe how many choices, recipes and ideas you will find. Way too many to list, and lots of options means you will find something that appeals to your sweet tooth.

*As a side note, Lots of people flock to sugar free candy because they think it won’t hurt their teeth. Although it doesn’t have the same type of sugar it can still cause damage to your teeth. A lot of sugar free candy on the market right now has high levels of food acids, which can also cause tooth decay. Always read the labels and ingredients on the items you purchase.

Healthy Mouth = Happy You

A healthy mouth is a happy mouth. I’m sure your dental professional has told you that on more than one occasion. Society is very health conscious these days, integrating healthy food choices and exercise into each avenue of life and it’s made a difference in how we look at the foods we eat and keeping our bodies active. An importance on dental health should also be a top priority, one that should not be overlooked. And let’s be honest, at some point, we are going to eat the ice cream sundae, chocolate cupcake or share a piece of someone’s birthday cake. Splurging on dessert every once and while is fine, just remember the effects of sugar on your teeth and make sure to always brush your teeth twice a day and floss.

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