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Smart TV, Smartphone, Smart Choices?

Technology is the key that unlocks most of the doors for life these days. Work, school, phone calls, emails, text messages, social media, driving directions, music, television and entertainment top the list. You name it and somehow technology is involved. Two of the greatest, most widely used forms of technology currently are the smartphone and smart tv. You could make the argument that you really don’t need either one to function in today’s society, but who would really want to do without these two fantastic technological advances?

Smart Phones

You can’t mention smartphones without talking about the iPhone itself, so let’s use that as an example. Every time a new iPhone drops, the world doesn’t ask many questions, they just jump in line to get one. The newest phone addition to Apple’s ever growing family, the iPhone 11, is no exception. The iPhone 11 offers a day-long battery life, excellent performance and a strong camera that’s more versatile than the previous year’s iPhone XR. The new camera technology is exciting for photographers and picture obsessed enthusiasts alike, plus all the options that come with iOS 13. All three iPhone 11 models claim to be waterproof. iPhone 11 passed a test at a maximum depth level of two meters in up to 30 minutes.The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max can handle greater water depths. Advanced technology that you carry around in your pocket or purse! It’s pretty amazing when you consider its importance in society and how we use one of these types of phones everyday for EVERYTHING!

Smart Choice?

How have smartphones changed our lives?  Is having one a good choice? Well, “back in the day” a cell phone was just that, a cell phone! A portable phone making it possible to make and receive calls from anywhere. Smartphones do make and receive calls, but they are so much more. They have become like a pocket PC that we carry with us, allowing us to conduct business meetings, school classes, find an address anywhere, order our food ahead of time, and make purchases right from that little device in our pocket. Is it a distraction, keeping us from human interaction? Yes it is, and those habits vary from person to person and the debate on whether or not they are hurting our human interaction is a growing topic of conversation. The convenience and accessibility it brings to our lives is quite profound and has literally shaped the way our world functions on a day to day basis. The smartphone choice IS a smart choice, especially in keeping up with our fast paced world.

Smart TV’s

Another one of the most exciting technological advances to come out of the last few years is definitely the Smart TV.  Smart TV’s give us access to a large number of channels that offer TV programs, movies and music without the need to connect a TV antenna or subscribe to a cable or satellite service, you can watch most anything through internet streaming services. Some of these services give access to movies and television shows that, before, were only available by purchase on DVD or blu ray discs. Most Smart TV’s are still compatible with cable and satellite services, and also provide web browsing, gaming, and access to content stored on your computer. All that in a television. Long gone are the days when the television was just a television and picked up whatever local channels that an antennae could reach.

Smart TV’s, Smart Choice?

The great advances and conveniences of the smart tv keep us up to date on news,as well as provide a radical amount of entertainment choices. The accessibility and diversity that smart tv brings to each home is an easy way to link many forms of media into one device that has the potential to provide something for each age group represented in each home. A definite yes to having one if you are interested in several media platforms being used on a bigger screen.

More Smart Choices For Better Health

Smartphones and the options they give us, and television in our homes and how we operate them have both come a LONG WAY in the last decade, and so has the way we can approach our own dental care at home. Smartphone, smart tv, smart oral care? REALLY?

In the same way smartphones and smart tv’’s have changed our connectivity and home entertainment, Brilliant Oral Care products have changed the way we approach our own oral care at home. With a round brush head, our brushes not only clean teeth but tongue, gums and cheeks at all once.  That’s why it’s called the “Can’t-Miss” toothbrush. Just by using brushes you literally can’t miss!!  The round brush heads provide advanced technology in a toothbrush, so it makes it a “smart toothbrush.” You won’t be making calls or sending texts on it, but you will find how much cleaner your teeth are and how much healthier your mouth can be. There is also a Brilliant Lumi Sonic Toothbrush, for those innovators that prefer sonic-care for their brushes. Smart technology, smart oral care.

Technology and innovation are not limited to just your phone and television. Why not go the extra mile for your dental health. Smart technology, smart oral care.


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