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Secrets Of Successful Family Businesses In Health Care

From company names you’ve known all your life to ones you may never heard of, the healthcare industry has some amazing industry leaders that provide amazing services. One thing you might not be aware of, some of these life changing companies are actually family owned businesses, started by family members, and some are still owned and even run by family members and founder’s descendants to this day. Working for “the family business” used to be a much more common occurrence than it is today, back when a particular trade was passed down from one generation to another. We wanted to highlight two successful family companies within the healthcare industry that have made a lasting impact on the health and wellbeing of people all over the world, and give you a peek inside our own.



Since 1896, Roche has been enhancing and aiding the health care communities of the world. Fritz Hoffman-La Roche founded Roche in 1896, knowing that the future of the medical world would be rooted in pharmaceutical products and medicines. As the industrial revolution was  taking Europe by storm, La Roche knew that manufacturing medicines would be the best and only way to fight the debilitating diseases of the time.

  • Roche’s chemists and researchers came up with one of the first studies about the presence of  iodine in the thyroid, and how to move forward in treating thyroid disorders
  • Roche expanded their factory in Germany and created an orange flavored cough syrup they named Sirolin, containing their own active ingredient named Thiocol. The cough syrup was an instant success and stayed on the market for over 60 years
  • Roche lost their founder in 1920 but made scientific news with a study of biogenic amines, keeping them in the forefront of the medical community
  • 1928-1944 saw a huge surplus of business in the way of manufacturing and selling vitamins and opening plants in America
  • The American plants saw great success with manufacturing a large variety of items, even including barbiturates into the mix
  • 1945-1964 saw an increase in sales and production of vitamins and new cancer medicines for chemotherapy and more effective sedatives
  • 1945 also saw Roche enter into the cosmetics side of the market by establishing the Pantene Corporation
  • In the 1960’s and 1970’s Roche began developing electronic medical instruments and setting up laboratories that allowed scientists and doctors to perform clinical analysis for hospitals and doctor’s offices
  • A constant proponent of cancer research, Roche opens the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology in 1980 and they are able to isolate an interferon alpha, a great advance in medical research
  • Through the 1990’s and 2000’s Roche moves forward in ground breaking scientific and medical research, with a restructure to focus on biotech in 2006
  • Still a constant presence in the health care, medical, and scientific research committee, Roche continues to make ground breaking work in these fields, with the family members of its founder still controlling half of the company’s shares, reporting an impressive annual revenue of over $56.5 billion dollars



John McKesson and Charles Olcott founded McKesson in New York in 1833 to make available and sell chemicals and therapeutic drugs wholesale. Still in business and extremely relevant in today’s market, McKesson has risen to become one of the largest healthcare companies in the United States and is at the forefront of healthcare technology and pharmaceutical distribution. A large portion of McKesson shares are still held by family members today.

  • In 1855, McKesson became one of the first companies in the US to manufacture and sell drugs. Several of their tablets, pills, tinctures and fluid extracts won medals because they were considered to be pioneer in their field
  • In the 1920’s, McKesson saw continued growth in sales and revenue, despite the financial crisis of the Great Depression
  • In the 1960’s, McKesson merged with Foremost Dairies to become the largest distributor of chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, and alcoholic beverages in the United States
  • In the 1980’s and 1990’s, McKesson grew by acquiring General Medical (which at the time was the largest distributor of surgical and medical supplies in the US) and HBO & Company, along with introducing Acumax – a warehouse management solution with proprietary barcode technology that won them the ComputerWorld Smithsonian Award
  • From the 2000’s to present day, McKesson acquired US Oncology and and Celesio, which boosted them to the status of a global health provider and ranking them #11 on Forbes list of Fortune 500 companies, and an annual revenue of $179 billion


Brilliant Oral Care

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