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My Kid Has a Cavity… Am I a Bad Mom?

Mom, don’t beat yourself up. Cavities are very common, treatable, and preventable too. Tooth decay is 5 times more common than asthma, 4 times more common than childhood obesity and 20 times more common than childhood diabetes. Let’s just say you’re not the only parent dealing with. Cavities happen just like things happen in life – unexpectedly. Although cavities are treatable, if they spread throughout the mouth untreated, this can lead to tooth pain and can be costly too.  Take care of your kid’s teeth by looking out for some helpful clues. Here are some signs that your child may have a cavity.

1. There’s a tooth that is darker in color than the rest.

Dark spots, or teeth that have a brownish band on the surface are signs of decay.

2. Your child is having trouble chewing.

Cavities are painful, making chewing difficult. Take note if your kid has trouble eating the foods they normally enjoy.

3. Their gums are swollen.

Healthy gums are pink and have an even tone throughout the mouth. Inflammation in the gums is a sign the tooth has a cavity.

4. Your child is sensitive to temperatures.

Teeth with cavities are extremely sensitive to hot and cold foods. Watch for signs of pain when your child has foods like soup or ice cream.

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