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Mom The Original Caregiver

She may not have the capability to fly like Iron Man, or xray vision like Superman (though she claims to have eyes in the back of head), there is no more influential “super hero” in our lives quite like Mom. For many of us, there is one consistent thread through our lives, one holding the chaos and beauty together, that is the gift of our Mother. For those still young, she may seem annoying and unrelenting, for those of us who are now parents ourselves, we see her in a totally different light then we did growing up. One thing is for sure; there wouldn’t be life without Moms and for me, life is made better by my Mom. We are thrilled to be a health and wellness blog, bringing the helpful and insightful information to you and your families. In that realm,we celebrate Moms because they are and continue to be the first in life, and best “care giver” of all our life stories. As we celebrate all Moms, here at Mother’s Day and EVERYDAY, let’s look at the history of Moms, how they impact our lives, and how we can honor them as we show our gratitude and live out their example.


History of “Mom”

The word we know as “Mother” actually came from Old English terminology and was the word “modor.” The shortened words we use today, Mom, Ma, Mama, are traced back to this root word for mother. Hindu, Arabic and Mandarin also have forms of “mama” traced back in their historical accounts. The explanation is that most babies make the sounds for mama and papa, so this could contribute to the universal names given to parents. So, what does everyone call their maternal figure? That seems to be determined where you are from/live. Mom is the typical name used in the US, whereas Mum is common in the UK and Australia, and Mam is the common name used in Northern England, Wales, and Ireland. Curious how mothers were first addressed in writing, the days BEFORE text messages?

  • Mama – in 1707
  • Mum – in 1823
  • Mummy – in 1839
  • Mommy – in 1844
  • Momma – in 1852
  • Mom – in 1867


In case you wanted a “throw back” reference for signing her Mother’s Day card this year!


Moms Have “Super Powers”

Smashing rocks, laser blasting bad guys and saving the world from evil villains is impressive, but so are all the wonderful things Moms do for everyone, the things that don’t gain national attention, yet life as we know it could not function without: 

  • Getting the stains out of your clothes and uniforms
  • Cooking healthy meals, ones that everyone will eat 
  • Paying the bills 
  • Running the family “taxi service” 
  • Nurse, doctor, and family health care giver
  • School project coordinator extraordinaire
  •  Filming and documenting every important event 
  • Cheering on every game, concert and play
  • Planning and overseeing play dates, parties, holidays and family gatherings
  • Holding down the calentar for everyone 
  • Cleaning up spills, messes, accidents, natural disasters and preventing the ones they can


There are MANY MORE, but not nearly enough room here to list them all. There are just the top 11!


Best Ways To Honor Mom

Only you can know the things your Mom loves the most: her favorite flower, candy, dessert or perfume. But there are many different ways you can honor your Mom to let her know how much she means to you and how grateful you are for the tremendous impact she’s made on your life.

  • Acknowledge you actually do listen to what she has to say
  • Ask her advice, she has lived longer than you have
  • Show you care about what’s important to her
  • Tell her how grateful you are for all the things she has done for you, the big and small things
  • Try your best to keep in constant contact with her, because you are always on her mind
  • Share your triumphs and trials with her, she just might have the right thing you need to hear, and trust me, she’s been there
  • Keep her involved in what’s going on in your life, she wants to know, she’s more than invested in you
  • Tell her examples of how her advice or wisdom has helped you
  • Respect her always, even if you don’t always agree
  • Understand that no matter how old (or how big) you are, you will always be her “baby”


A Respectful Nod

We understand that Mother’s Day can also be painful for some who have lost their Mom, never knew their Mom, and for those who are desperate to become a Mom but have not been able to gain that blessing yet. We see you, our hearts and prayers are with you, and we hope you are loved and cherished no matter what season or circumstance you find yourself in today.


Keep Up The Good Work, Mom!

To all our Brilliant Moms, thank you for being you, for your sacrifice, your love, your commitment and your steady consistency as you care for, nurture and love your families. Your job is the most important one of all. We honor you today, and everyday, and lift you up with gratitude and thanks. All that we have learned, accomplished, gained and survived, there is a Mom in the story, in the midst of it all. You are all the true super heroes in this story called life. Happy Mother’s Day, not just in May, but everyday of every year.


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