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Kids Routine For Hygiene and Chores

As a child, it was this one word, the word you heard every week, the word that put dread and dismay that all your hopes and dreams for the coming week would be doomed. The word: CHORES! As an adult you can totally see the benefit to learning and doing chores as a child, you really couldn’t be as well functioning without knowing how to take care of the place in which you reside. If chores weren’t bad enough, throw in taking baths and showers, brushing your teeth, putting on clean clothes and brushing your hair!! What can I say, it’s so hard to be a kid!

There is always so much to be done to accomplish great personal hygiene and to keep a clean house running smoothly. What better way to teach kids responsibility and the value of working as a team by showing them how to take care of themselves and how to take care of the place in which they live.

Personal Hygiene

One of the greatest lessons to learn as a child is to learn how to take care of yourself, we call this personal hygiene. From taking baths or showers, brushing teeth, clipping toenails and fingernails, brushing hair and putting on clean clothes, these are all important aspects of learning to care for ourselves and making ourselves presentable. Most are not considered “fun” by most kids but teaching them the important role they play in their overall health and well-being is key for them to know and see. We can try and make them fun by first showing them how it’s done, modeling these practices ourselves, and let them chart the process everyday by making it an accomplishment they have achieved. If you are getting push back from your kids on these daily personal hygiene activities, don’t get too frustrated. As a parent of boys I know, you take what they don’t want to do and make it fun. Create a daily chart:

  • Bath Time
  • Brush teeth twice a day
  • Comb hair
  • Put on clean clothes
  • Wash face


They can use whatever stickers they like to mark off each task that they have done during the day and at the end of the week, set a number of stickers that can equal to earning a reward of your choosing. There are products out there that can teach them how to do these hygiene activities and make it fun. For instance, the Brilliant Oral Care makes a kids Sonic Toothbrush that has 3 characters to choose from and it lights up so you can see inside their mouth as you are teaching them how to properly brush their teeth. The sonic motor runs for 2 minutes then shuts off automatically, and every 30 seconds it pulses, letting kids know it’s time to switch the brush to another area of their mouth.

There are lots of really neat products out there to help parents out!

Chores Around The Home

Let’s face it, NO ONE is excited about doing chores around the home but we all know they MUST be done. If an entire family lives in the home then it’s up to everyone to take part in keeping it clean and running. There are chores that even the youngest member of the family can do. To keep track and keep it organized you can create a chore chart. Make your own with a poster board and marker or look at the many options online that you can download and print. Some great chores for the kids in your family are:

  • Putting away the toys
  • Putting all dirty clothes in laundry hamper
  • Straightening up books and items in the house
  • Sweeping the floors
  • Sorting and folding laundry
  • Feeding the pets
  • Putting away groceries
  • Helping fix meals – prep, cook, set table then clean up afterwards
  • Mopping the floors
  • Changing sheets on the beds
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • Washing the cars
  • Walking the pets
  • Cleaning the bathrooms
  • Vacuuming the carpets
  • Helping with yard work


Chores And Hygiene Are Tied Together

Teaching your kids personal hygiene practices and how to help around the house by doing chores are all tied together by one important word: ROUTINE!! So important for kids to be on a routine, beginning from the time they are newborns until they leave home an adult, establishing a routine is vital to help them function as a child, a student, and later an adult. The older they become the more responsibility you can give them and fits into and becomes part of the routine of their life. The best learning comes by experience, so let them grow into all you know they can be!


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