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Is Laughter Really The Best Medicine?

A funny movie, hilarious tv sitcoms on television, a dinner with friends when you all laughed until you cried, a visit to a comedy club, these are the things and times we cherish. These times of great joy and laughter fill our lives and our hearts. Being around people and things that make us laugh comprise some of our best memories. These times of happiness are where our minds gravitate toward when life gets tough. Laughter encompasses your whole body, mind and spirit. When you laugh, everything is involved. So, is laughter good for you? It absolutely is! For every part of you: mind, body, and spirit. You might be surprised just how many benefits laughter brings to us, and why we want more of it!

Laughter Has Benefits

Laughter has excellent benefits, helping us physically, mentally and socially. First physically. Laughter can physically help our bodies?  Yes it can, let’s look at the ways:

  • Laughter motivates your stress response to “kick in” and then allows the stress hormones to release, freeing you from the tension.  A good burst of laughter will increase your heart rate and then relax you, lowering back down your heart rate AND lowering your blood pressure.
  •  Laughter can also activate blood flow and help your muscles relax. physical symptoms soothe tension brought on by stress and lower your blood pressure.
  • Laughter can activate the function of some of your organs. It can grow your input of air with good amounts of oxygen that can power your heart, muscles and lungs. So laughter is actually helping your brain by boosting the amount of endorphins that come from your brain to your body..
  • Laughter can actually help to relieve your body from pain by releasing its own natural form of pain reducers.
  • Stress puts negative effects on your body which can lower your immune system. Laughter relieves stress and helps to send neuropeptides throughout your body. Neuropeptides are defined as “neuronal signalling molecules that influence the activity of the brain and the body in specific ways.” These molecules can help fight stress and power the body to fight off serious illness.
  • One medical study found that the average person that laughs anywhere from 10-15 minutes a day burns at least 40 calories per day in their laughter.


Laughter Leads To Better Mental Health

It’s no secret that laughter is essential for good mental health. The physical benefits of it are encouraging, but so are the mental benefits.There’s nothing like a roar of laughter shared with those you care about. It is truly the best feeling, and it can improve your outlook.

  • Laughter just makes life easier. Whatever stress, problems, issues you are facing, laughter brings relief and oftentimes clearer perspective to a situation. It helps combat depression and can temporarily relieve anxiety.
  • Laughter releases endorphins into our body and these can make us feel better physically, but it is also a huge boost to our mental and emotional well being. Laughter brings happiness and is a natural aid for mental and emotional help.
  • When the world is in crisis it can cause you to feel in crisis. Negative things can cause you to have negative fears and anxiety triggers. Turn off the news and outlets that put negative things into your mind and turn on things that bring positive thinking and joy into your day. There is always just as much good as there is bad, dwell on the good things.


Laughter Leads To Better Social Health

Laughter is great on our own, but it’s even better within a group of people. Laughter has the power to enrich us in our social health in the following ways:

  • Laughter strengthens our relationships with other people. It helps us to help each other.
  • Laughter bonds people together and heals hurt relationships and disagreements.
  • Laughter allows us to express our true feelings and not hold back from fear.
  • Laughter helps everyone relax and brings a positive atmosphere to a group of people that care for each other. It’s in those moments we feel love and acceptance.


Even in times when we can’t be together, in the same room, with those we care about there are still ways we can engage. Thanks to technology we have video calls and video meeting apps that can connect us with many people at one time and we can still laugh and enjoy each other, even when we are apart.

Current Prescription: Laugh A LOT!!

Laughter is obviously just what the doctor ordered. It has physical, emotional and mental benefits. And laughter creates memories, happy remembrances of good times and warm moments. Even in hard and trying times, a laugh can break the barrier of pain and turn it around. A good sense of humor is powerful and necessary. Find the people and things that bring you joy and then laugh, a lot!


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