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Healthy Frozen Treats For Warm Weather Days

Nothing takes away the blazing heat of summer better than an ice cold treat. Problem is, a lot of the most popular frozen goodies have tons of sugar and fat, making those of us who are striving to eat healthier feel lost and in despair. Fear not healthy eaters! There are actually a LOT of healthy frozen options to choose from, ones you can buy in store and ones you can easily make from home. And if you are on the fence about giving up your ice cream to make healthier choices, stay tuned. There’s so many great healthy options to try. Let’s give it a shot!


Treats You Can Make At Home

I know what you might be thinking, “I don’t cook and I don’t have time to make my own treats, I’m just sticking with my usual.” I hear you, I do, and I understand. That’s why these healthy options are EASY to create, they can happen in a matter of minutes.

  • Your favorite flavor of low fat and low sugar greek yogurt, quickly blended with your favorite fruit in the blender, pour into an ice tray or popsicle mold, add stick and freeze
  • Fruit sorbets, made the healthy way with your go-to sugar substitute, water, ice and fruit puree. Blend, freeze, and enjoy
  • Add some protein into your favorite frozen fruit concoction. Peanut butter or almond butter will add some creamy goodness to your new healthy favorites
  • Homemade fruit slushies with fruit of your choice, coconut water, and ice. Blend in your blender and enjoy without the guilt
  • Bananas dipped in chocolate are always a favorite. Make sure to use dark chocolate, one with good quality and a low sugar count for optimum health benefits. Roll it in granola, coconut or seeds for a crunchy bite
  • Coconut and coconut water are good flavor enhancers to your homemade frozen treats, just be sure to read the label and make sure there is no added sugar


Healthy Treats You Can Find At Your Local Store

As the last two decades have passed, grocery stores have become really good about providing healthy food options for those of us trying to make better food choices. The last few years have produced a lot of healthy frozen treats that have given ice cream some solid competition. Wondering what to get to curb your cold treat cravings next time you visit your local store? Try some of these options (remember ALWAYS read the ingredients, some have a lot of added sugar that you want to avoid):

  • Pure fruit crafted smoothie blends
  • Non-dairy frozen desserts (made with coconut milk and coconut cream and natural sugar alternatives)
  • Non-Dairy fruit pints – they use bananas as their creamy texture and other fruits
  • Super fruit acai bites – acai berries coated in dark chocolate, made with very little sugar
  • Frozen greek yogurt bars
  • Dairy-free ice cream made with no artificial sweeteners and very little sugar
  • Frozen fruit bars (no sugar added) – healthy alternative to regular popsicles
  • Frozen berries, either plain or mixed with lowfat milk, are a cool option


Develop New Favorites

These are just a few of the MANY healthy options for frozen sweet treats. Hopefully these have sparked your interest in making your favorite summer dessert into something good for you. These can birth ideas that lead you to come up with your own twist on summer sweets that won’t cause you to cheat on your diet plan. A little bit of creativity and healthy ingredients can make clean eating into clean fun!


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