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Health Benefits Of Wearing Hats

Nothing can make a fashion statement quite like a hat! Large, small, casual, dressy, sporty or sparkly, we do love our favorite accessory and we have it in all forms, shapes, sizes and colors. Whether you wear your hat as part of your uniform for work, for the sports team you’re on, or to hide the fact that you didn’t wash your hair, we all have a fondness for hats and the different benefits they provide for us. So, do hats really give us useful benefits, important assistance? Can the perk of a hat affect our health? As a matter of fact, they do have significant value to our health, some great reasons you may not be aware of. Grab your favorite thinking cap (pun intended) and let’s take a closer look at hats: why we love them, how they help us, and hat history.


History Of The Hat

The first proof we have of wearing hats dates back to a guy named Otzi from the Bronze Age. He was found between Italy and Austria, frozen into a mountain, just chilling (pun also intended) where he had been since 3250 BC. He was found wearing a cap made of bearskin that had a chin strap that had been stitched together using bear and other different animal skins. It could be described like a Russian hat but no flaps on the sides. A painting was found inside a tomb near Thebes, Egypt of a man wearing what looked like a straw hat. This dated back to around 3200 BC. Hats are not a new thing and even earlier civilizations saw a need for them with the intelligence on how to make them. As civilizations evolved and fashion came into play, hats became even more popular and some were made part of religious traditions and practices. As far back as you can look into history, you will find some sort of hat. It’s lasted longer than most fashion fads, and for good reasons.


Benefits Of Wearing Hats For Everyone

There are many benefits of wearing a hat that go much deeper and more important than just fashion or personal style. Hats have good health benefits that can help you and your body. Hats:

  • Protect your face and head from sunburn
  • Protect your eyes from the brightness of the sun, which can cause sun damage as you age
  • Help to prevent skin cancers and skin damage
  • Protect your head, face and ears from the cold and weather conditions
  • Help to regulate your body temperature
  • Hold back hair out of your face while working outside, playing sports or exercising
  • Protect your hair from sun damage and fading, and your scalp from sunburn


Women And Hats

Nothing can make a fashion statement quite like a hat. All throughout history, women would display their own personal style through the hats they would wear. Hats were a fashion accessory AND a status symbol. During early history, hats told a person’s story: What class they belonged to, their economic status, religion, style, everything! The highest of society could showcase their wealth through their choice of hat. The more lavish, fancy and decorated the hat, the more wealthy and influential the woman wearing it. The 20th century saw hats evolve but not the status they represented. Royal women of sovereign nations still make hats a priority to this day, along with several First Ladies of the United States. Currently, any hat is welcome and acceptable. Women are making fashion statements with baseball caps, once only intended for men. We can wear them and wear them well, plain, decorated, jeweled or paired down. 


Men And Hats

In times throughout history men were also frequent hat wearers, just as women were. Constant walking or riding outside, working in the elements, weather and sun protection produced the need for one’s head to be covered. Popularity in men wearing hats started to taper off after World War 2. Most men had acquired their own cars by then and those that had served in the war didn’t want to wear a hat everyday after being instructed to wear one all through their military service. A lot of men do love wearing hats for recreational purposes, especially wearing a baseball cap. Some wear them as part of their uniform for a job, while others (like us ladies) enjoy wearing them on the weekends and breaks from work, so no essential hair styling is necessary. Whether it be a nice hat for a formal occasion or a baseball cap for weekend brunch, men have always looked sharp and handsome in a hat.


Top Off Your Look With A Good Hat

As we have seen, hats are really great and useful tools for us when we are outdoors in the sun and the weather elements. And for us that love accessories, they are just plain fun to shop for. Whether you are dressing up in a fancy hat for the Kentucky Derby or throwing on a baseball cap to run some errands, hats are here to stay and they serve a lot of great purposes. Stock up on some and enjoy the fashion journey!


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