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Good Oral Care Begins At The Very Beginning!

Most expectant and new parents still have no idea that good oral care begins once your baby is born. I know what you’re thinking; “wait, they don’t even have teeth yet!” No, they don’t have teeth but that doesn’t mean harmful bacteria that lives in our mouths won’t be present to start attacking gum tissue. That’s where Brilliant Oral Care’s Tooth Tissues (mouth wipes) become a necessary treatment for your baby’s developing oral health.

You want to start your Baby with good oral care from the very beginning by using our Brilliant Tooth Tissues, cleansing your Baby’s mouth daily after feedings. They are easy to use, just gently wipe baby’s gums, cheeks and tongue with a Tooth Tissue. Brilliant Tooth Tissues were developed by a pediatric dentist and are enhanced with Xylitol. Xylitol helps to control the overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria and fungus in the mouth by inhibiting their ability to multiply and adhere to gum tissue. Xylitol is fluoride free, sugar free and safe if swallowed. Tooth Tissues with xylitol also help by increasing saliva production and lowering oral acidity. 

Around 3 months of age you can start to brush and massage Baby’s gums with our 100% food-grade silicone Finger Toothbrush. The Finger Toothbrush is a special, double-sided brush. One side has soft bristles that are able to clean any teeth your baby or infant may have. The other side is textured for massaging baby’s tender and budding gums as they start actively teething. This introduces a brushing routine while you continue to wipe Baby’s mouth daily with the Tooth Tissues. The Brilliant Finger Brush is easy to use, just place Finger Brush over your adult finger, one that will fit snuggly. You apply gentle pressure as you brush baby’s gums and tongue. This establishes a brushing routine for your child from the start.  Taking care of their teeth and gums will be something they grow up knowing and remembering from their earliest memories.

As a parent, protecting and providing the best care for our children is our First and Top priority. Brilliant Oral Care exists to make sure you and your family have the best at-home oral care available to you. Choose only the best for you and your family, choose Brilliant!

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