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Gingivitis and Pregnancy

You’ve gotten a positive pregnancy test, you may be nauseous, and having strange symptoms. Pregnancy can bring so many changes to your body. Hormones are the main reason. They are great because they are there to help your body grow a sweet baby. However, they can bring on changes that you would never imagine. One of those many changes happens to your teeth and gums. The additional estrogen in your body paired with increased blood volume, can cause your teeth to become sensitive and your gums to bleed. This is called pregnancy gingivitis which is a form of periodontal disease.
What happens to your body will affect your baby. Pregnancy gingivitis can cause pre-term labor and low birth weight. Dentists recommend going in to be seen after the first trimester. They also recommend using a soft bristled toothbrush, a mouth wash without alcohol, and a toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth and gums, also a toothbrush for sensitive gums Oral care is just as important as visiting your obstetrician or midwife. The care you receive and medical advice will help prevent, treat, and diagnose anything that may be an issue.
The Brilliant Expectant Mom Toothbrush is made just for you! It has over 18,000 soft, microfiber bristles. It’s like a massage for your gums! They clean multiple surfaces at the same time because of the round brush head. Moms rave about how gentle it is. Another great feature is that it works as a tongue cleaner too. During pregnancy your taste buds can also have a strange metallic or sour taste. Brushing with the Brilliant Expectant Mom Toothbrush will help remove those unpleasant tastes from your mouth.
The Brilliant Expectant Mom Toothbrush is offered in a 1 pack or 3 pack. The colors are super cute too – mint, lavender, and bright white! We believe that every child is a gift from God, and they are precious in His sight. As a mother, you have a high calling from the time you find out that you are expecting. We value life and the ability to carry life. Our hope is that as you embark on the most amazing journey of your life, that you would allow Brilliant Oral Care to take care of your smile. It will be the first thing your baby will see as he or she enters the world – what a joy it will be knowing that you invested in your oral care because you were thinking of them too.
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