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10 Ideas To Make Labor Day Fun And Beneficial

Often thought of as the official end to summer, Labor Day has always been a time for gathering, celebrating, relaxing and enjoying the end of summertime. Some school systems don’t begin until after Labor Day, so some people wait until then to take a much needed vacation. Labor Day itself means more to Americans than we sometimes realize. Labor Day officially became a federal holiday in 1894. The late 1800’s were a trying time for the American worker. Many Americans were forced to work 12 hour shifts everyday, 7 days a week. As unions began to form, the health and safety of workers became an increasingly important  issue and workers took to the streets in protest. Culminating in the Haymarket Riot in Chicago in 1886, the idea of a “working man’s holiday” began to spread and Congress finally passed it as an official holiday in 1894 as then President Grover Cleveland signed Labor Day into the law books as an official federally observed holiday. It wasn’t just the holiday that passed, labor laws themselves did too, which was the start of much needed safety regulations and measures of better working conditions for the American worker. As we celebrate Labor Day this year, let’s remember the sacrifices of those who paved the way for us to have the opportunities and advantages we have today.


Top 10 Labor Day Weekend Ideas

Searching for ideas on something fun that you can do for Labor Day this year? As you brainstorm what your holiday weekend plans will be, see if these top 10 ideas spark some fun creativity as you create your own way to celebrate the last official weekend of summer!

  1.  Enjoy the water, somewhere! While it’s true most pools do close after Labor Day, this is your wake up call to get in one more wear on that swimsuit, use up the bottle of sunscreen, put some duct tape on that hole in the float, and take your family, or friends, for one more swim and pool day before your neighborhood or community pool closes for the season. Don’t have a pool? Hopefully there is a lake, state park, or ocean nearby!
  2. Host a family camping “staycation” right in your own backyard! It’s no secret that travelling with kids is hard. If the thought of packing them up, and all their stuff, and heading to a campsite is just too much, pitch the tent in your own backyard! Decorate up the patio with lights, make your own fire pit, make smores, do it up right, just from the comfort of your own backyard. Still too hot outside to camp?  That’s ok, you can put up a tent in the living room for the kids. The possibilities are endless!
  3.  Road trips are always a great idea. Whether you are gone the whole weekend, or just for the day, road trips are always fun and bring some adventure and joy into your life.
  4.  Visit and enjoy a local state park, amusement park, historical site, museum, zoo, or attraction near your home. If you are like me, you have some great local places and attractions to visit near you, but you just never really find the time to visit them. Let this be the holiday weekend where you get out and enjoy what’s near you, local places that make where you live special.
  5.  Shop until you drop! Most major retailers have special sales events for Labor Day. Don’t feel like getting out? That’s ok, the deals are usually just as good online as well.
  6.  Do something to help your community. Whether it is volunteering at an event, helping in your local food pantry, cleaning up a road, or something else, involve your family and friends and do a project together.
  7. Clean out your closets, drawers, and pantry. Nobody wants to clean out anything, ever! But we all have that closet, corner, pantry, cabinet, or drawers where junk goes because we don’t have the time to clean it out, so we just shove stuff in there, hoping the cleaning elves will eventually come take care of it, so we don’t have to. Problem is, there aren’t any elves and it’s our responsibility to clean it out. You just might find stuff you’ve been looking for and make room for some extra storage space you’ve been needing all along.
  8.  Spend the weekend doing those projects on your home that you’ve been putting off. We all have that one room (or rooms) that need to be painted, that one shutter or piece of siding that has fallen off, light bulbs that have gone out, spots on the carpet, holes in the drywall that need repair and attention, but we never seem to have the time. Take some time during the long weekend to do a few of these repairs. You will be glad you did.
  9.  Host a backyard barbecue and or ice cream social! Whether it’s just you and your immediate family, or one with friends and family, enjoying the warm weather while it’s still here and fire up the grill for lunch, then bust out the ice cream for dessert. A BBQ lunch followed by a build your own ice cream sundae bar for dessert is the perfect way to celebrate the end of a great summer.
  10.  Take movie night outdoors! Make your holiday weekend edition of movie night even more special and move it outdoors! Dress up the porch or patio with lights, flowers, chairs or cushions, stream a movie outside and make a night out of it. Popcorn, candy, hotdogs, sodas, ice cream, there are so many great ways to take this simple idea and make it a night to remember.


Rest, Relax And Enjoy

These are just a few of MANY ideas that can make this Labor Day weekend a special time for you and those you love. No matter what you choose to do or where you end up going, remember it was created as a time for you to rest, relax, recharge and refocus. Enjoy the weekend and take time to rest.


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