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10 Essential Things That Make Fall The Best Season

Fall has always been my favorite season, even as a young child. I have always LOVED THE FALL!! I love everything about it. Cooler temperatures, beautiful sunsets with colored leaves as the backdrop, apple picking, fairs, and festivals, you name anything about fall, and I’m on board! There is nothing that makes me happier than the first chill in the air and leaves changing into glorious colors. Fall has several holidays, which means gathering with family and friends and fabulous food. There are so many good things that abound in this beautiful season, and it was a difficult task to narrow it all down into ten essential bests. These are 10 of my favorite things about fall and why I love it so much. It may be just 10, but it’s 10 out of 100 for sure!


Fall Top 10 Countdown

10. The return of college football. College football fans reunite in blissful chaos as their beloved teams return to the fields of their cherished schools and battle it out to see who’s team reigns supreme as greatest in the nation. And it’s not only the games that have everyone counting down the days, and it’s the tailgate parties too. Even non-football fans will agree, the return of football season does bring great food, commercials, and the chance to watch people argue over something other than politics!


9. Television fans look forward to fall as their favorite television shows return for a new season of episodes and brand new shows to check out. With all the latest streaming services available now come even more recent shows, movies, and content bubbling over with more fantastic choices than ever before! The more there is to choose from, the better the opportunity to find something you will really like.


8. Daylight savings time ends in the fall, and we gain back an hour of sleep. You hear lots of complaints about losing an hour of daylight and the sun setting earlier in the day, but for those of us that love our sleep, fall is lovely! We have a whole hour back to our day to sleep, and early nightfall means early bedtime. It’s hard to make yourself go to bed early in the summertime when the sun is still up, and temperatures are still warm. You factor in cooler temperatures, earlier nightfall, and a good, warm blanket, and it’s lights out, good night sooner in the fall.


7. If you have a special place in your heart (and stomach) for baked goods, then fall is the most outstanding season of all for you. Fall brings all the sweet goodness in apple pies, apple bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, apple muffins, cinnamon rolls, fried fruit pies, cakes, cookies, and pastries of all sizes, shapes, and fillings. There are so many fantastic baked goods that abound in the fall; it’s almost overwhelming. But still quite enjoyable!


6. Hot drinks are never more enjoyable than they are in the fall. Whether you are a coffee lover, a tea drinker, addicted to hot chocolate, or take the healthy path of herbal teas and hot lemon water, there is nothing quite like sitting outdoors, admiring the beauty of fall while sipping on a hot beverage. I’m in the category of “coffee addict,” and I drink it every single day, year-round, but it is so much more enjoyable in the fall. The best way to enjoy the crisp air of fall is by drinking your favorite hot beverage while the colored leaves blow past you.


5. Fall wardrobe wear is the BEST of the year! The first chilly day sends me right to my closet to start pulling out my favorite pieces. Jeans, sweaters, boots, coats, and hats. If it’s cozy and it’s in my closet, I’m ready to wear it. Nothing is more satisfying than digging out your favorite, warm clothes after a LONG summer of heat and humidity. The only thing as enjoyable as fall weather is the clothes you wear to enjoy it. 


4. HOLIDAYS!! Fall has some of the best holidays and activities: Halloween or fall harvest (whether or not you observe it, you have to admit the candy available is AWESOME), Thanksgiving (foodies rejoice, this holiday takes the cake, literally), and the magic of Christmas time begins (though fall ends on December 20th, it is only five short days until Christmas at that point). Holidays mean time with our families, fabulous food, gratitude for all the people and things we are grateful for, lights, decorations, gifts, and many beautiful things!


3. Fall produce is the BEST produce!! Apples, pumpkins, varieties of squash, pears, sweet potatoes, cranberries, the list of healthy and tasty fall produce goes on and on! These wonderful produce of fall harvest are always traditional dishes at our holiday meals, and they make them even more special to us as we associate them with family and fun.


2. The weather is as close to perfect as it gets!! Cooler temperatures and crisp breezes make this time of the year some of the best moments to be outside. Whether you are enjoying running, walking, jogging, or biking without heat and humidity, find yourself camping in a tent, building bonfires and roasting marshmallows, or just enjoying the cool breeze on your front porch, there is no better time to embrace the outdoors than in the perfect conditions of fall. Even raking up the beautiful leaves that fall is one more suitable way to exercise and be outdoors.


1.The beauty of nature unfolding into brilliant colors on its canvas is the number one reason fall is the BEST season of all! As the multi-colored leaves shine in all their glory, they eventually fall and then become a colored carpet of wonder. The brisk, cool breezes then pick them up and scatter them like confetti, and there’s no better sound than rustling leaves in autumn. Ok, so you do have to rake all these leaves eventually, but they do make excellent starters to your fall bonfires and produce great nutrients to go on to fertilize and prep your garden for springtime. There’s no denying that God is the master artist and fall is His most glorious canvas. Every year the beauty of fall takes my breath away, each one unique and inspiring, a magnificent reminder that He makes all things beautiful in His time.


Fall Is For Everyone

These are my ten most favorite things about fall, but I know you have your favorites. That’s the greatest thing about everyone being different with their own individual tastes. Each with our own likes, dislikes, talents, and gifts, one big community, with differences yes, but each given a unique gift to make the most of this beautiful life we have been given. In the same way, fall only comes once a year and disappears as quickly as it begins. Make a point this year to slow down long enough to enjoy these wonderful attributes of fall and all the goodness it has to offer. 


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